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  • Umm I like the winter though sometimes it's very cold and days are shorter! :ermm: But it's a good period! Especially cause of Christmas! :D
    But I will soon start to catch colds! :lol:
    Snowy?? Really ?? Sounds nice too! :D
    Well here it's very cold for this period! But next week will be warmer! :p
    lol...I didn't find the "thing" so that people can answer on my wall..like this. I have to read your message again :)
    :lol: xD
    Yeah it's still Friday here! It's 9 pm but still Friday! :p And I will go out soon!
    What about you ?? :)
    Omg! xD I was so looking at your siggy at the moment on the forum! xD
    I looked at it for about 3 mins and couldn't stop looking at it! xD lol
    I was thinking: "how does he do this thing with his feet ??" xD lol
    Your siggy distrated me for 3 mins! :lol:
    Sorry but I had to say! :lol: omg :doh: :lol:
    Aaww, thank you very much, Abbey :flowers: it made me smile :hug: Have a good day/night :) *HUG*
    Abbey, you look soo cute and nice in that pic, pretty girl!!:) How did you get it there btw?? how do you do that?
    Aww that's sweet of you, and an amazing picture! Thanks you:)

    and yes Studying can quite easily get distracted by Michael, hehe!
    That is so very sweet of you!! Thank you very much am just having a tough few days!! Your message cheered me up!! One back as a thanks! :)

    Hi! :) My name is Ian!
    Nice to meet you too! :)
    I'm from France! Where are you from in the USA ?? I love this country! :)
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