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  • It says Life so ......!

    I'd come back but I don't think it would happen. Anyway, need to go. So see you soon. Stay well.
    I'm still not sure to be honest. I never got on with one person and it got a bit nasty. then I made what I guess was an inappropriate joke on one of the group pages (Little Steven had got banned & I joked that he'd died), and with no warning I was banned. In hindsight it wasn't long after Mike & Jenn had passed so my timing was probably off, but it wasn't on the public board and the person who I sent it to knew it wasn't true. But life goes on! There's bigger things to worry about I guess.
    8?! That's crazy, they grow up too fast. Mine's 9 now and a MASSIVE Mike fan. He has posters on his walls and even wears a fedora. Him and his friend were watching Moonwalker the other day and he plans to have an MJ Sleepover soon where they stay up late watching Ghosts & Thriller & The Dangerous Tour! How cool is that?
    Ha! Yeah miss it. A lot more sensible people on there than here (generally!). How's your son doing?
    I just noticed your name on the member's list! I'm fine thank you (apart from a cold!). How's things with you?
    Hi, girl!!!
    How are you??? I haven´t heard anything from you since the 26th of June. Are you alright??? I wanna chat with you again!!!
    Hey, girl!!!

    I still haven´t opened your gift. I´m still at home and clean a little bit - ´cause my family will come in the afternoon to see my new appartment.
    At about 1:00 pm I´ll be at the house of my parents. There I´ll open all my gifts - including yours!
    Thanks again for being my best friend!!!!
    Hey , dank je wel voor het bericht. Nou ik denk dat een dating site een goed begin is, al is het maar om gewoon contacten op te doen. En natuurlijk in mei die MJ dag, waar ik van plan ben genoeg contacten te maken....gewoon hardstikke leuk :)
    Yea i would love to meet all u mj fans. I can't wait me frist mj concert, i hav'nt seen him for over 20 yrs now and im finally getting to see him live at last. Ur frist concert too?
    Hey, ur welcome. Im good thanks u?
    i see ur going to see mj in london on the 14th, same here too.

    Bedankt voor je berichtje.

    Het gaat iets beter met Sewdou, gelukkig maar.

    Vind het fijn dat er aan hem gedacht wordt en we hopen dat hij snel weer fit genoeg is om naar huis te mogen natuurlijk.

    Groetjes Janena
    Hey Michaelisious, ik denk niet dat ik het heb maar als ik het tegenkom zal ik m uploaden ! Groetjes!
    Hey! We're going the same date to the concert :p
    BUT i wantet to write to you bcause of something else... I wrote this to another person from your country as well.. cause you are from Holland, right? The netherlands... Have you been on any of the MJ-Fan events? Cause I performed on one of those! Maybe you where there? A fan event in Utrecht (if it is spelled like that...)
    No problem, Inez!!
    These days I´m really busy. I had to practise the piano for my first rehersal with the old people. It will be tomorrow at 09:30 am. Wish me good luck!!! Hope you´re fine, girl!!
    It seems that I´m always online here when you´re not on this board.
    But it´s still very nice to see messages from you!!!
    Jaaa! Heb er echt ontzettend veel zin in! Hoop alleen dat ik die tickets snel in handen heb vind het maar niks zo met de post, haha.
    Welke datum ga je en heb je beetje goede seats?
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