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  • I missed seeing you around. What other forums do you visit? I'm alright thanks, just a bit confused with things :/ and sick of the negativity on here. I just ordered lots of MJ stuff to make me happy though :D xx
    ok honey, look after yourself. i think confusion and these strange feelings and thinking it isn't real are just part of the grieving process. i went thru it when my Dad died. think your mind just has to take things in slowly over a long period of time or it would just cripple you.
    make sure you are kind to yourself while you're away from here then, and speak soon xx
    hi thanks for the message. i know what you mean cos this week i have been feeling like its all unreal again. no idea why.
    take care of yourself my friend. i think the shock is still there really xx
    aaaaaw, yeah a good cry helps at times. i have been able to listen to his cds for the first time since june but still can't watch the old favourite dvds and videos. can't watch a concert or interview yet but can watch his videos a bit now. i cried at the cinema but i enjoyed seeing it more than i thought i would. still leaves you with an empty feeling like i still can't believe it
    hi babe
    i am ok. still get very upset about MJ of course. went to see this is it last week even though i swore i wasn't gonna see it
    yeah i am printing pics....rare ones, happy ones, ones that mean something to me or trigger memories. i have printed some tributes that people wrote like brett ratner, then put a pic of him and MJ together with it. i have printed some verses like comforting words about death not being the end.

    i have made scrapbooks and photo albums on MJ since i was 8.............just never imagined doing one like this. so sad

    yeah i believe god works in mysterious ways too.......we will never fathom it but like you say MJ is up there smiling. i have no doubt about where he is, non at all but although that is a great comfort it doesn't mean it is an easy thing to accept
    yeah i definitely interpret the dreams that way.....i have had so many similar ones. i have strong religious faith and i really believe God is good and not cruel and therefore must have had his reasons even if we never know them

    aaaaw yeah there have been loads of pics we are seeing for the first time. i have been making a book of pictures and verses etc, it has helped me a bit xx
    well in my dreams of him its things like he's in a lift or going up stairs and i am saying don't go and he is explaining that he has to.

    i believe dreams have some meaning too but also reaction and the way our human mind copes with something hard to comprehend.

    wow yeah he's totally gorgeous, there have been so many lovely pics lately from years ago. sad that we only get to see them now. i have saved pics of him for years.

    are you feeling any better?
    :better::better::better::better:aaaaaw so sorry you have had a bad day. i'm doing ok, have had a couple of better days. i have had so many dreams about him ,....most have been comforting.aaaaaw hope tomorrow is a better day for you, you'll be in my prayers:better:
    hi........how are you?
    do you have the pic from your avatar in bugger size? don't think i have seen it before xx
    hiya thanks for the message. it keeps hitting me often, especially when i first wake up. feel like its all i think about is that the worst has happened......still just can't get my head round it really. xx
    hi thanks for the message. still just very sad, it still keeps hitting me that it really happened.....like watching the footage on that uri geller thing last night. every time you see footage or pics its like i just can't believe it
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