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  • someone wants to play beek-a-boo.. :lol:

    Awwwww mine mine mine fine ass!
    I don't have a gift for you today cause you're next in line for the epic storytelling gift on your wall :D
    BUT remember I surprise ;) so you never know when I hit ya, struck ya :p
    Ahhhh that was such a lovely lullabay! I slept like a log all night and couldn't wake up for work! Here ya go hun:
    Hello there!
    I am contacting you because you have requested a siggy from me a while ago. I am doing a small project now where I mark out on a map where my creations has gone so to speak:)
    Would you mind telling me in which country you live in? If you say which city aswell I would be more than happy but I understand if you want your privacy :)
    I will not mention any names, just mark out with a red dot in a certain country.

    You can soon see the final result on my MySpace page

    Have a lovely day!

    Regards from Stephanie aka. "J_Cat"
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