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  • Dude! thats crazy.. My girl and I are in the works of planning a NYC trip in the semi near future.. If ur in NYC we gotta do something.

    Congrats on the exciting things going on WOW! aint like Maricopa haha
    hey yo! long time no talk!! Whats been up man? I really havent coming around the same way since Mike passed but still doing my thing!
    Merry Christmas

    Aww, your kitty is gorgeous!! I love the M on his forehead. My two both have that also.... I think it means they have some tabby in them? Anyway, hope you are loving your new little baby!
    Since I was a baby, I was raised up by his music, and became hardcore fan in 2006.. hehe where do you live?
    I am fine, how are you?
    It's a sad thing those old members aren't active anymore, but what can we do about it, nothing I think.
    Btw, why was Soso deaf banned here?

    Yes, it was good to see Mike again :yes: I hope to buy the dvd to watch it again
    awww I missed you too! Did you like the movie?

    well cool... Yeah I kown that MJ is a ture hero to me & janet also because they like the king & queen of pop!
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