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    Tom Sneddon dies of cancer

    Is it wrong that I hope it was testicular cancer? That he should have been worried about his own peter instead of someone else's. I seem to get great birthday gifts from karma. First there was jordy's dad evan and now D.S. (Yes that was on purpose)
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    Tom Sneddon dies of cancer

    Not that it matters but do we know what type of cancer?
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    Official Xscape Videos Thread: New 'A Place With No Name' Video

    For a video Michael had nothing to do with, it was good. However, the glowing circles hurt my eyes when they kept popping up. (Might just be me!) Too much sex. Before everyone reads that and laughs, hear me out. Other then LMP all the women in Michael's videos have had more clothes on. Her...
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    Robin Williams Dies At 63

    I've always loved Robin Williams movies. I grew up watching them. I think this has hit close to home for many people because they see themselves in his death. They realize they are only a few steps behind if they don't get help.
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    Billie Jean. Sung live or lip synced?

    I've never really thought about it honestly. I've been too busy watching Michael dance. Either way I'd be sitting with my eyes popping. Hell I already do watching all the concerts I have already.
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    Do You Like Morphine?

    Re: Do You Like Morophine? I was 13 when it came out. My first reaction was giggling at the swearing since he had been clean lyric wise till HIStory. As I got older, I enjoyed the music and how raw it sounded with the lyrics. However, I haven't listened to it since right after...
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    Joe reflects on his family in anticipation of his 86th birthday

    ........................................................................................... :mello:
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    Joe reflects on his family in anticipation of his 86th birthday

    Straight from Michael's mouth: Now there’s a lesson to learn, respect’s not given, it’s earned I'll respect Joseph when he's earned it. Beating your children then denying it when you've been called out for it. Forcing your children to work to pay for everything like adults when they're children...
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    R&B Hall Of Fame Induction 2014

    So is the award going to Joe or is he just accepting it on Michael's behalf?
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    nice tweets from Prince

    Can't hear the audio on the vine videos. My volume is all the way up. Do I have to have an account?