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  • awww me neither !!! first time watching MJ live, EVER. makes me both nouches and nervous. can't take the wait, or just imagen how it's gonna be like when he enters the stage!!! he has the BEST ways of entering the stage and I have no doubt he'll shock this time aswell.

    do you know if it's true that they're shooting for the DVD in JULY? not the other months ?
    somehow I had disabled the comment box thing on my page,lol!

    38 days, 19 hours and 52 minutes left now, yay!!!
    have you ever seen him live before?
    I know!! LOL! So awesome Cassy!
    How are you this morning?? :)
    I can't believe I remembered you
    back from those MJJF days :lol:!!!!!!
    Let me know How you are *HUGS*

    God bless and many hus!

    I still really would like to hear your story someday and we didn't get to do that today, but it was nice talking more with you. Also thank you :) for adding me to msn and stuff.
    hey, I've been crazy lately. Haven't had a lot of time for anything. Hubby is getting emergency surgery :unsure: but he can't have it til the 10th so until then my life is hell :lol: Gotta love him - pain in the ass but mine lol. I had meant to pm you before but been too busy to think lol Tomorrow I register my lil baby for pre-k :( my last lil baby lmao
    Hmmmm,, how much are tickets? It sounds like it might be worthwhile going to. I do have to buy for four, and it costs me twice what it does for people there since our dollar is low so it might not be affordable for me since it'll be like 8 times the cost of one ticket..lol. Sorry, that sounded like complaining didn't it? haha.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your story in my inbox!
    Oh, I thought I had...lol. Can I please hear your story?

    That'll be fun to see. I am not sure how much extra stuff I'll do though I want to. I have a friend over there who's going to help me plan some fun things since she's familiar with everything over there. I'd really like to go see Madame Tussauds though. The Thriller live Im not sure about. Is it an actual musical play or just a music tribute?
    Yes! You never did tell me your story. I gotta get on msn someday. How've you been?
    the tech staff is working on the specific issues this week...they have said that there will be a fix by the weekend ;)
    Michael is different then anyone else you've ever seen. Performing or not he commands your attention the second he enters the room. Its the whole air about him. My God he's amazing. But I didn't cry or anything - that to me is a waste of perfectly good MJ watching :lol:

    I really doubt I'll ever meet Michael :( As wonderful as it would be it just seems outta reach for me. I don't follow him around. I have responsibilities to keep me busy. Guess I can dream about it but the reality of it sucks. Be cool though :yes: I just wish I could say thank you - just once. That's why I do the forum stuff. I'll never get to talk to Michael so the only way I can be of any use is to at least help his fans. Not much but it's something I hope.
    I went to the Bad tour when I was younger but I was way the hell back there - shitty seats lmao Then I went to United We Stand in DC and was in front row - that was awesome but short - saw him again in NYC but not for a performance. Seeing him in person is something undescribile - he's amazing. You'll have a great time :yes: I think he'll come to the usa - I really pray he does. I want so badly to see him perform again. I want to see a concert now that I'm older and can truely enjoy all of it.
    Blah, they made me work - ugh :lol:

    Cruise sounds cool. Nah no plans - I won't get to see Michael this time either. I'm still hoping he comes to the USA. With 3 kids I just can't make London a possibility. I'd love to be a part of his magic though.
    No...i don't have facebook,sorry
    Hey! No I don't have facebook, I'm kinda behind the times and just stick with forums and msn lmao! I'll be online tonight at around the same time that I was last night, I will speak to ya if you're on!
    Stacey x
    LOL see now, after I sent that reply to you, I was certain that I had one :lol: now I feel compelled to create one :evil:
    hey !!
    I don't know ... i think i might have made one ?? It would be a very boring page though, if i did. Cause i cannot remember ever updating it :lol: the user name would be MJJChichi if I did have one ;)
    if you find it, let me know that i have one Heeheeeheee
    Nope, I'm strickly forum. Twitter was for the sole purpose of keeping members updated when we were down and I did start a myspace page but it was only to gain access to certain contacts :lol:
    Aw ok! I'm not logged in at the moment because I have to go offline in a min, but we will chat soon! I'd love to meet up with you! I'm going to nine shows! Can't believe it, but different family and friends bought me tickets because I'm a fan and I got a few myself. Ah it's just gonna be unreal!
    Well I have to go offline now, but we will defo chat soon!
    Love Stacey x
    Just realised we're both at the 8th July show! Gonna be so awesome!
    We should chat sometime xx
    And I'm sorry as well for being out of order in that thread. You made me realise what a jerk I was being so I'm glad you pulled me up on it! I'm glad things are ok between us too!
    I would love for us to be friends. :D
    Lots of love, Stacey xx
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