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  • Merry Christmas
    Hello, you asked me how I made my signature.
    First you need the videoclip that you want to make into a gif picture.
    Open it in a video edit program like adobe premiere.
    Here you can edit your clip to the size you want to use for your picture.
    when you're done, save it as an "animated gif" format.
    Done, good luck with it.

    Or you can tell me what you want and I can make it for you.
    I still need one for the line "Hold Me"
    I found out the person that was intended to do it got sick.
    So if you want to do this one let me know thanks!
    Hi dear, feeling quite fine now, but not stable yet. Im kinda taking slow things for awhile now. sorry bout the late reply, havent come log in for long time, how are you feeling?
    I don't know you ^^! But I know mjjnj and I saw your caring comment in her page so.. I visited your page :) Does it matter?

    À...! Fan Việt a? Bạn ở Nha Trang phải ko? có phải smelly ko? chị N.A đây mà ^^
    I try to stay strong I try my best to feel that he still with me ..avoid news sometimes.
    I feel a bit better on this weekend coz didn't around by a lot of ppl like at work. I know how you feel but plz stay strong too for Michael and yourself OK?
    God bless and i luv you
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