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  • Ey man, you good? The e-mail thread is about an e-mail sent by a fan who used to hang around the staples center and even got invited to the set when Mike was shooting some vids for the tour. She sent an e-mail to a select group of fans 4 days before Mike died. The e-mail was aimed at staging a fan intervention as they say Michael looked like a skeleton, the fan claims she wanted to throw up when she saw how skinny he was, as he was wearing tight clothes ect. (In a nutshell)
    I'm good my brother, I envy you for going to the concrets,lol!. Is it going to be your first time seeing MJ? I saw him in 1997 on the very last date of the HISTORY Tour in South Africa. We already know the dancers signed a 3 year deal so I hope he comes back this side of the world again.

    Can you send me the track in better quality/mp3 if you get it please? Thank you very much.

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