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  • Hi...

    I don't know if you remember, but I had talked to you, I think 2 months ago, about the 1st edition of the Bad album. And you also said that you got the original pressing of the History album.

    I was able to buy the original pressing of Bad, now I'm searching for History.I'm sending this pm to you because I want to ask if you can tell me the catologue number for your original pressing of the History album.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey, I saw you posted that you had compiled your own "definitive" Thriller collection from different releases/the recently released demos. Would you mind sending me a tracklist for that? I'm interested in doing the same, and want to make sure I have everything I can find.

    Tried to PM you but your PM's don't seem to be on.
    hi, I moved your thread Thriller Special Edition Silver Disc? from General Discussion to MJs Groove Theory. I couldn't pm you because you pm isn't on!!
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