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  • privacy is ok on facebook :p

    it's not that I don't want to add you but I can't :no: cuz my dad always checks my friends on fb and if he asks I can't tell him "oh those are my friends over on mjjc" especially that he doesn't like MJ and has no idea I'm a member of this forum :D

    I can add u if u like but I'll have to delete you after u take a look around :(
    I was home all day yesterday and today we went to some friends :D

    speech? what for? :p
    ohh yea sounds really good :)
    it was... lazy :p snowstorm outside :eek: so I stayed at home :p I was studying but not too much :p don't wanna overload my brain :lmao:
    I guess it's time for bed :yawn: sleep well my dear :) and cu soon :bye: :)
    Hey! :hug:
    sorry I didn't answer you yesterday :) :hug:
    am I lucky? maybe... but in the other hand I must write my master thesis so it won't be easy :p
    I was thinking about holidays yesterday.. and you're right! Easter is much earlier than summer holidays! :p I forgot about it! So in this year it'll be in April I guess.. So I'll have some free time then :) and then after exams so I guess in July? :)
    Indeed. We should have more free time for example for :party: :cheers: not only for study! :p
    we both passed! :cheers: and after exams will be time for... :party: :wild: :giggle:
    ohh yea, you're so right! is so annoying :( but it's a last year for me :p thankfully! :D and holidays... yea :sigh: 'only' 6 months to go...
    ohh so good luck with ur exam :) :smarty:
    I had mine at Saturday ;) was hard but I think I'll pass :shifty: and now have to study for next one :sigh: student's life :lmao:
    I had gotten the Insimenator from this site:


    It is a very useful cheat. I always have all 3 types of them in to my game. And in order to have triplets and quads you need to have a hack for that. Which I had gotten from this site.


    Mod the Sims I think you need to be a member of that site before you can download from that site. After you install the Insimenator you need to left click on the on the mouse on the lot you are playing. And on the menu you should see spawn just click on it and you will see the Insimenator along with other things you can choose from to use.
    Well Sims 2 would take a long time for it to load up. If you are like me and install tons of stuff in to it. And with Sims 2 you have this thing called the InSIMenator. Which makes playing Sims 2 really fun to play with. Because with the Insimerator you can make your sims do all sort of stuff. Like commit suicide, get them pregnant especially the male sims, max out your skills, along with other stuff like that. Sims 3 doesn't have an InSIMenator and learning your skills just takes too long. But with Sims 2 you have plant sims, witches and warlocks, werewolves, zombies, vampires, and aliens you can play with. Plus also with Sims 2 you can laugh at your Sim as they get abducted by an U.F.O. You really don't have that with Sims 3 yet. But I do agree about the characteristics in Sims 3 is fun. So is World Adventures and the vampires in the game.
    I just got bored with the game for now. I miss having weather, magic, and animals in my Sims games. Sims 3 doesn't have weather, magic, or pets yet unless you have fish. But you really can't play with them. Like you can with dogs and cats. With Sims 2 I have all of the expansion and stuffs packs except for the Holidays stuffs pack installed in to my laptop. I am hoping in the next Sims 3 expansion pack it will have either weather, pets, or magic in it. I think the Sims in Sims 2 can do more than things than in Sims 3. I also feel that way about my Sims 1 Complete game but no one really plays with Sims 1 anymore. I just thought I would tell you.
    my spanish is on basic level but I can learn everything, especially when I love spanish so much :wub: well... spanish boys too :lmao:

    ohhh nice! :hug: so good luck then! but after bachelor or master? :) hope you'll make ur dreams come true :)
    Yeah only 6:20 am your time is 7:20 am my time :p I have o wake up at 7 but I live very close to my school so I stay in bed till around 7:15, 7:20 :p

    oh I feel you, I always get bored during classes...I wish my school had wi fi :D
    Lol yea that sucks :p
    I'm thinking about it, but first I must finish this damn university :giggle: If I won't find something good then... I'll make a decision, but you know, everywhere the same problems. I really want to find a job in Spain, but... they've bigger unemployment's problems than here! :eek:

    And what do you want to do after studies? Masters? :)
    yea I think the same in whole Europe, I dunno what about Asia or Australia :p
    I really dunno...cuz we have kinda high unemployment here and you must have 'good friends' if you really want to find something interesting :p all my friends are working in different job posts, but they were studying different things. For example after Law course you're working in Call Center etc. :sigh:
    Hehe yea, I had bachelor. Cuz I've studied Tourism and Recreation on other university here. After 3 yrs of study you've bachelor here, and after next 2yrs... master's degree :) (so 5yrs of study :lol:) now I'm student in University of Warsaw :)
    In management I'll have master's degree but I must wait till June (with final grades) and till (I guess) September to my defend Master's thesis ;)
    Umm this will be the last, after this session. Cuz I've 4 semesters, and now I'm on 3 (till February)... :) so in June I'll finish :girl_happy: and ofc I must write a master's thesis :sigh:
    ohh I see :lol: I wouldn't guess that! :lmao:
    ohh yea, they are :giggle: :D
    I'm studying management also :p but in tourism industry. So kinda similar :D economics, math, psychology, sociology etc :)

    Ohh I'm curious now, what does it mean? :giggle:
    Take care :hug:
    Hey :)

    school was boing and right now I'm sitting in bed wishing that I won't have to get up in a minute and go again :pray:

    how was your day? :p
    ohh thank you :wub: :) wish you the same! :)
    I hope we'll pass everything with good grades :smarty:
    It's raining here now too! :doh:
    What are you studying? :)

    "asl" ?? lol I have no idea, sorry :p
    I'm fine too, thanks for asking :hug:
    My day? Lol a lot of studying cuz I've a hard exam in this Saturday, and then next 3 exams till 6th February so :read: :smarty: very depressed weather BTW here :yawn:
    yeah I know :p my best friend lives in Austria and apparently the school sistem is the same :p :crazy: :D

    no I have no idea :D

    thanks :doh: I know I won't either but thanks anyway

    goodnight...see you later :bye:
    well there's a one week holiday between semesters and that's in two weeks :p

    when I finish grade 12 lol I still got 4 years not considering this :bomb:
    Ic :p

    I love Tarzan! Jungle book's great too, I love disney

    Well I have two more weeks including this till holiday :p plus one in march for Easter :naughty:

    university...nice I'm still stuck with school :bomb:
    The Disney one :yes:

    free day! Did someone say free day :dribble: I can't wait for holidays :D

    free day from school or work? :p
    My day was ok...except school :bomb: and a little cold I have I'm fine :) I just watched Tarzan lol I missed it so bad :girl_aww: :lol:

    yours? :)
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