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  • Sounds like really good plans you have there! I think the most important thing is to do something that feels meaningful in one way or another, to feel that one can contribute in a positive way to this world or to other persons. :)
    lol nope, only an old stuff so I'm still waiting and searching. Maybe I'll look at MJ's new photos :) Dangerous Rehearsal Tape #2 project is canceled by Dorian :(
    Ich habe Deutsch gelernt, weil meine Mutter auch Deutsch kann...aber anschließend habe ich Deutsch geliebt :D

    Ja, es geht um eine schwierige Sprache, aber deshalb gefällt sie mir so gut :p

    Deutsche Grammatik :hungry: :lol:

    Und ja, ich brauche Deutsch in meinem Beruf auf eine Weise :D
    :lol: Ja, ich weiß ein biiiiischen vom deutschen Syntax! :D

    Nein, nicht fließend :lol:

    Ich komme aus...ich werde dir das PM :p
    :lol: Nein, ich komme nicht aus Deutschland. Ich habe Deutsch in der Schule gelernt :p

    Ich liebe eure Grammatik, Syntax und Aussprache :p
    Yes, it is interesting! I have worked in the social field with disabled children and visually impaired adults. I enjoyed that work, especially the work with the children felt very meaningful. I´m not able to work extensively now, because of illness. But if I get better, I´d like to continue with that kind of job.
    Why did you hate it? :lol: Comparative religion is one of my passions. :D
    Do you enjoy the media management studies?
    I´ve studied social psychology and social work. I do study a bit of comparative religious studies at the moment. Do you study? :)
    Yes, I do find it interesting, although it´s not my field of study. But I like the way in which history and historical knowledge can give you some perspective on life.
    Hi! :)
    ofc no problem :hug: but do you want original size or just an avatar size as I have? :)
    :lol: good luck with that

    I can't wait for tonight...when most of my friends here will be on and we can play :party: :wild:
    well school was boring as usual...but it's Friday :party: it should be called Freeday :woohoo: lol

    yours? :D
    I am very sorry for your loss. :hug: It is very hard to loose a close loved one. I still have my grandmother, though she is rather frail now. I cherish her and my grandfather very much because I know that I will not have them much longer. Take care, and I hope I can talk you soon!

    ok hold on :lol: I speak Romanian and English fluently, I manage with French, I am learning German, Spanish, Italian and Greek :D how about you? :p
    I speak french :) well...not fluently but I can make myself understood :p

    I find many similarities between English and German being a native speaker...don't you? :p

    hm...I like good music :lol: um I like a very wide variety of music from classical to heavy metal...it all depends on the song though :) you?
    lol no not rome haha

    thank you :) I really want to learn it as I have relatives in Germany and last time I saw my cousins we couldn't communicate cuz they don't know English and I don't know German. I just gotta get my friend to speak German to me! so far she only taught me how to say I have a cow stuck to my ceiling :lmao:

    everyone tries to scare me off telling me it's a hard language. well to heck with that I wanna learn it BECAUSE it's hard and therefore a challenge for me :D
    hehe no I wish, still trying to learn haha I can speak a little and I understand a lot but that's Angelik, she speaks it very well :yes: :p
    Hello! I am very sad because I just lost a very close friend of mine. :boohoo:
    How are you? I hope everything is going well for you.
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