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  • :praying::huggy::better:aw...good to see you gal...good to see you ..((((((((777)((((huggs))))))):heart:)
    Hi sweetie, thank you for writing to me. I am so sorry I didn't respond your previous message! I've been feeling so broken-hearted as usual from Michael, and when I have been on here, it wasn't for very long.
    How are you doing? I hope you are okay. :hug:

    Love you,
    welcome back babygal .:yes:
    missed you around here ..
    am here for you on the 25th .:huggy:
    woo!.miss star.
    hiiii ...its been a while ,.:lol:
    ah...ty for hoping im well ...hows things with you ?:unsure:

    WEll thats......thats for tomorow , :mello:..er....:thinking: we will pretend its thursday today....:wild:...:D:punk::yes::wild:.:huh: ok :wild::mello:

    think im just pleased seeeing you back ...:giggle:
    welcome home gal :wild::angel:
    miss star :hugggy::bueeter::huggy::better:
    im ...feeling better today , one of those days :yes:
    how are you doing ?
    ty though , your words made me cry .
    have a lovely week , i hope to spk to you soon . :huggy:
    hi miss star :heart:thanx you SO much for your support to me ,babes .,
    i realy do appreiate it , :(:huggy: um..im all emo today ..meh ..

    ah ....just doesnt seem right does it ? :(.....love you , xox
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