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  • Well, I hope you have a fantastic summer. Do you have anything you'd like to do? I've just come back from Spain and it was fantastic but I missed the little one. Of course I'm a good influence *looks guilty* :jump:
    I didn't have a particularly eventful summer last year. We'll see what this year brings.

    Aw, it's nice to hear you are spending time with your neice.:) She's lucky to have you in her life -- assuming you're a good influence?!:D
    I love the summer. It's been an ok one this year. I hope it's nice this weekend because we are taking my little niece to the seaside. Have you done anything nice this summer?
    Summer has been nice enough but I actually much prefer the fall season. Not to be too graphic, but I could do without the sticky clothes and sunscreen!

    What about you?
    Thanks, I did. I'd say the highlight of my summer was attending a Taylor Swift concert right in front in the Pit.(y)
    Thanks!(y) I'm doing very well and am counting my blessings. It's important to appreciate the good times because you never know when you might suffer a reversal in fortune!
    I haven't been here in a long time so hopefully you don't mind me saying it's nice to see some members I recognize still around!
    It's perfectly understandable that you got angry while typing your message as the subject in question is very upsetting.
    You're welcome!:)

    I'm glad you agree with me on prohibiting the trade of animal parts as the entire business is rather reprehensible. In that vein, I hope you don't wear furs!:bugeyed
    My New Year has gotten off to a great start!:wild:

    Yes, it's very painful for the vase!:D
    You're welcome!:)

    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you recover soon!:)

    That's a great DVD to own. I hope you're enjoying it!:)

    I got a couple of CDs and movies to enjoy among other things.
    I apologize that I was too late to extend you a Christmas greeting last year but let me be very early this year!:D


    So far so good but, as you know, nothing lasts forever!:bugeyed

    You're very welcome!:)
    I have been having fun and I hope you did on your birthday . . . all those months ago!

    Okay, I will look out for you the next time I'm there although I can't say when exactly that will be! I'm back here for the first time in 3 months!:bugeyed

    I'm doing well, thanks for asking. How are you?:thinking:

    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the DVD.:)
    Sorry for the delayed response but its your fault for replying on your own profile! Nevertheless, here's the answer to your query:

    I'm good considering the circumstances. How are you?

    So you're doing spring cleaning in summer?!:D Over here summers started on Sunday, Jun 21 while in the UK I read summer started Sunday, March 27!:bugeyed

    I've been very busy but not with anything terribly exciting.

    I'm glad to hear that you rediscovered an old treasure!:)
    The second sentence in your message could contribute greatly to peace of mind.

    On the other hand, someone has to investigate and improve the situation as needed.

    Ideally, we should all have our areas of specialty, and be responsible for them, so no one has to be burdened with the entirety of society's problems.
    I'm doing great, thanks. I hope you are too. I'm sure then new format has many exciting new features but becoming familiar with them may take some time and practice. Right now, I miss the old format! I know firsthand how frustrating computer problems can be. I hope it doesn't give you too many more problems in the future.
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