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  • Hey hun...You're welcome... Better late than never :lol:

    I wanted to ask about Kate too. And I had no idea who to ask. She's been part of MJJC for a long time... :mello:

    Talk to you soon :cheeky:

    no problem. i simply think they can build a crypt at f.l. like gordy did. what's so hard about that? always drama. always
    hugssssssss how are you doing?
    I'm new here so this is my first post to people. I'm a computing lecturer in the UK and also an artist in my spare time. So very happy that MJ is back! Am going to one of the July shows. To celebrate, I just had to do a painting of him, so here it is! (or should it be 'This is It!!')

    Always wanted to do one and now he's back I just had to! Hope you like it, am doing a very limited run of canvas prints and each one will have Swarovski crystals attached to the glove, trouser seam and jacket. So if you want one then feel free, and if not then just let me know what you think. I'm just happy to be here!

    Take care

    aww hun that is excellent!!
    u should come down!
    u will love it here...hey maybe we can meet :)
    Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!where are you girl? everything ok? miss you...
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