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  • Hey I just saw your post on the MJOne thread. I'm also thinking of going to Vegas next year sometime for the show so I also think it would be cool to see if many people from Europe would go!
    Ahaha Its funny you thought that . I love it .I was asked if I was Spanish on FB a while ago today lol :wild: Ohh week off ? Nice one :thumbs_up: Yes I do understand about what you mean about this other view o life Yeah I get that It is sort of a life guide
    His words & thoughts are better than anything . Yes he really is a motivator I agree
    My fav , absolute fav from DTD is Are you listening:yes:
    :clap: Je adore :blush:
    Heya :group: Hows you ? Yep Lundun gal here
    Ooo Alot of people tend to say are ya from the states ahaha :blush: I wish I did anyway
    How is DTD ?Nice weekend ? :wub:
    Omg no way that is my fav, Has a ring to it doesnt it Yep totally favorite ..That, and Two birds i love that one too
    What is cute ? the ferret hehe
    I think I uhmmmmm like, broke the chat box I hope not :unsure:
    O it was brought in america yeah ah ? that is even more beautiful .You enjoy it and just take it all in It is a beautiful book Very pleased for you sweetie
    Hey girl
    Oh that is such cool news You know I never knew you hadnt got your dtd or else I would have tried answering your questions on the Mj collecting thread.I had not been on that thread for a while see .But Yes your right, blue Michael or say ,the scene from black or white. I call it blue version cover is from 92 the original and the red beat it jacket on stage cover haha is from 2009 .It does'nt matter too much if you have the 2009 publishing it is wonderful you got a copy and you can still get original at a later time .So my question to you MJ*PP which of the poems do you love /connect with the very very most ? You are going to keep reading it its going to be your favorite book i swear:woohoo:
    Life is being you know - getting by getting by:)

    Hi I asked for you about your account and This is the answer from Gaz

    Tell her to try now, not sure how but it was in the users awaiting email group which is when you first sign up but I can see she has over 2000 posts,

    If she wants her pass resetting let me know here.
    lol no prob' hunni! =)
    my weekend was fine ^_^.. I hope yours was too :flowers:
    Take care! xx
    Hey MJ*PP! Sorry for the late reply.. :blush:
    Hope everything is good with u ..!! :D
    I am really excited that despite the age difference,
    me and my crush are really good friends now. :wild:
    I have only known him since last year but we are friends
    and that's all I want. ^_^

    Anyways I hope you're having a good day
    and good luck with your training. :flowers: Bye!
    You're very welcome and thank you! :flowers:
    My day has been great so far...I just hope it stays that way! :lol:
    How are you doing? :wild: Hope you have a nice day! xoxo
    Aww bless! I'm glad to hear you had a nice birthday. :wild:
    You definitely deserve it! :yes::wub:
    aw you're welcome! Glad you're fine! :)
    I'm pretty good..just really busy with school and stuff haha :D
    Hope to talk to you soon, hun. Thank you and take care!
    luv :heart:, ~gia~
    Hiya, girlie! how are you? :)
    Just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas :newyear:
    and Happy New Year! :holiday:
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