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  • Hi There Sis :ciao:thankyou so very much for what you said on my reputation it really touched my heart thankyou :huggy:God Bless You xxxxx
    Thanks Tink :angel:
    I :heart: Ghosts...
    Have a GREAT day, Hun :better:

    Much love from Daz :tease:
    Thank you so so much for everything.HUGS
    Thank you so much for the welcome and the birthday wishes! it certainly brightened up my day ^^ :clap::clap:
    Thank you for the message.
    This is the first Japanese visitor message.
    And I am very pleased to read your message.
    I am happy you like Japan :)
    Unfortunatelly I have not been Canada..
    I want to visit there one day. :)
    I hope you will have a nice weekend.
    Please take care.
    Love <3
    Thank you for the visitor message. :)

    Thank you so so much for all you do for me and my Mom.It means a lot more than i can say.
    God Bless you my dear sweet friend.
    Tight hugs,Maria and Elisa.
    Hey Tink :ciao: Hope you're fine... Check your PM... I'm gonna 'post' it in a minute...
    Hi sweetie,didn't see you online,hope you are having a great day,...just want to wish you happy birthday,wish you all the best,and thank you for all you do for me.God bless you my friend.HUGS
    :hug: You are very welcome Tink! I hope you have a wonderful day, I miss you too!!!! And thank you for all you do for Michael it really means so much!!! :girl_give_heart::sun::heart::rollingpeace::butterflies:

    Dear,i've add you to my msn.:hug:
    Hello Dear! i think when Gaz ipdated the server it changed some members join dates. I will post in the trhead they have for this to let them know yours is not correct. :yes:
    I'm sorry you are having a hard time right now. I understand his birthday is difficult for you.

    I just hope for something to happen around this time to brighten your day a little. :)
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