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  • There's no Senior Mod online right now as soon as I see one I'll ask them for help for you,okay.

    Thank you for the beautiful image you posted on my wall :) God bless you
    Awwe honey you are so sweet... thank you - I love your infectious happiness - always makes me smile.
    Awww Bree, thanks, that felt really good! Like a warm blanket of Love.
    Michaeling you right back!
    :woohoo::dancin: I totally just Michael-ed you :wub::wild: right back _ Thanks I neeed that :)
    I totally just Michael-ed you! :punk:

    Wow this is weird! Whenever I read a post of yours of we communicate either Heal The World, Man In The Mirror or a healing song comes on! :D:wub:
    :woohoo::dancin: I totally just Michael-ed you :wub::wild:
    Right Back eeeeheee ooooowwww !!!:wub::clapping:

    Thank you that tickles me every time and makes me laugh
    I love you so much for that xoxoxoxo
    That was GREAT :D _ Thank you dear one :huggy:
    You can Michael me any time _ Love you :wub:
    Hello~*~* Bree~*~* I'm completely MichaelingYou back! Big,Big Hugs!My Soul Sister! :wub: :rollingpeace: :D
    Awww thank you Bree, that was nice! It felt like a warm blanket of love!
    Michaeling you too! :heart:
    :angel: Thank You Very Much for the Birthday wish yesterday. It means alot to me. :angel: :huggy: :flowers:

    Thank you sweetie for your wonderful posts in the meeting notes thread and all of your threads. Your posts are so uplifting and inspiring. You have such a beautiful spiirit. Thank you for being you. :wub::cheers::better:
    :hello: :waving:
    I am soo happy to hear from you*** :heart:
    I am glad to hear that you're doing good!
    That makes me feel better knowing that you are. :huggy:
    I am Forever Michaeling You Back -- Always My Dear**
    With Much L.O.V.E
    :wub: :flowers: :rollingpeace:
    MJ TinkerBell :waving:

    I am stopping in to tell you that I am really Michaeling you!!
    ..And wanted to make sure that you knew that...and to see how you have been doing as I've not seen you online much lately,it maybe because I've been asleep while you've been online,all the same just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you...
    As well as Michaeling You :cheeky:
    :wub: :rollingpeace:
    L.O.V.E on your page* :hi:
    I hope that you're doing well!
    As always...I'm totally Michaeling You~*~*
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