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  • Cool. :dance:
    Well I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. :lol: ... I'll hopefully get my Bachelor's degree soon. :yes:
    Well, it hasn't changed so much I think, altough I'm not spending much time here anymore either. :sigh:
    Hey, nice to hear from you again. :hiya: Indeed it has been a long time. :lol:
    I'm good. Still studying math. :D
    What have you been up to?
    Hey Rose. :ciao: I hope you are doing fine! :hug:
    I just realized that I didn't answer your message. :blink: :ph34r: I'm so sorry. :sorry:
    I went on several shopping sprees since then. :D
    Happy new year btw! :cheers:
    Hiya Rose :huggy: how's you :huggy: xxx

    I know that feeling. :rofl: ... I got my first paycheck too today. :wild: :D ... Finally I have my own money. :lol:
    ... Today at work I didn't had to sit at the till all the time. It was so much better than usual. :D.. I didn't have to sit the whole time, I hate sitting for so long, sometimes five hours. :bugeyed
    Hehe, I know that problem. LOL ... Sometimes just noone seems to come, and then the queue doesn't want to end. :blink: :lol: ... Since now my favourite words are "quitting time". :rofl:
    Lol, cool, I work on a till too. :D .. I started about a month ago... as side job. ... Though that's the only thing I do.. sitting all the time and waiting for people to come, lol. ... I'm still getting used to it. :p It's my first job too. :D
    My mom always says it will get easier once I got my first money, LOL. :D
    That is good to hear! :yes: ... I always takes some time, lol. :D ... What kind of job are you doing? :unsure:
    Hey, Rose. :ciao: How are you? ... I read you have a new job. :D :unsure: Hope it's nice! :)
    Thanks for the rep point. :hug:
    :wub: no problem :D
    Btw do you mind if I ask what those little green boxes are for and how you get more? Thanx :)
    Hiya Rose glad you are fine :hiya: yer it's been lovely considering we are in sunny uk lol :umbrella: its been beautiful hasn't it :sun::sun::sun::sun::girl_happy:really lovely:yes:
    Yeah, I think for me it's from noon til midnight. :unsure: .. I also won't be there the whole time. But I will give m best! :D :cheers:
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