MJ_Rocks My World

Hey! I'm Rose :) 21 and have a passion for perfoming arts. Been a hardcore MJ fan since i was 12 so thats 9 years of MJ and let me tell you, he has inspired me to get me to the places ive got in my life of performing, 2008 was when i discovered michael, i always heard about him, always listened to his music but i discovered him through a dance lesson at school, a man visited and used all MJs songs and i instantly liked the way it made me feel when i danced, my mum brought the thriller 25 album that night...sat and watched the dvd of thriller what came with it...and the rest is history, thankyou michael for all you've done and inspired me to do! i can safely say i would not be the dancer i am now if it wasnt for you ♡ i love you!

Performing Arts ( singing, acting, dancing) :D
Nov 12, 1995 (Age: 27)
In the dance studio with Michael/England ;P


'' I Know Who I Am Inside And Outside, And I Know What I Want To Do, And I Will Always Go With My Dreams''
~ Michael Jackson