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  • Hi Rose,thank you for adding me.will add you as well.
    Lovely to meet you. :)
    Hi, MJ_ Rcoks,

    Thanks for the friend request. :) Nice to meet you. :give_flowers:

    My name is Erica. :)
    You're welcome :D
    I'm fine, thanks ... I'm on summer vacation and the sun is shining, so how could I not be good!?!:D lol
    Hello :ciao:
    Thanks for your friends request :give_flowers:
    Hope you are fine! :)
    Hahah that happens to me when I'm tired. :p

    You don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable, but how old are you? :p
    Yeah, I know the feel. I used to be like "What in the world are they talking abo- oh... must be Supernatural again." :lmao:
    No. :lmao: It's a drama, sometimes it's even scary. O_O But it's very funny as well. :yes: See... Castiel here... is a bit clueless with regards to certain things. :D If I say more, I will spoil the whole thing... even more than I have. :rotfl: You should watch it though. :yes:

    Yeah, it's pretty cool. :D I never thought I'd say this a few months ago. :rofl: But a couple of buddies of mine kept pestering me about it and I watched one day. It's cool. :D I mean, in what other show is this conversation normal?

    Yes. :p Yeah, me too. :rofl: But Dean's pretty cool. :D Not as cool as Cas though. :D
    No idea. :lmao: The guy is from the TV show Supernatural, but that is not in the show. :lmao: Must be the gag reel. :lmao:
    Great! Some can be tricky to get into, but don't get disheartened. Like MJ said, see it, believe it, make it happen!
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