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  • Well, is he really the next Doctor? ;D I mean, it could be that that's a future Doctor, but then Eleven knew who and what he was, and how would he know if he hasn't happened yet? :lol:
    Hiii!! How are you?

    I just found out that past Doctors won't be part of the 50th special (except for Ten). Just thought I'd let you know. :lol:
    I know he is. :lol: I just told you that a few lines ago. :lol:

    Yes, have you?
    So, apparently David Tennant, Billie Piper and john Hurt have signed up for the 50th anniversary!!! :woohoo:
    Did you SEE the trailer for the new episodes?!?!? AAAhhhh I can't wait. :girl_tantrum:
    I know. 2 more weeks! I'm excited.

    I'm fine, thanks for asking. I've had a lot going on lately.
    Tell me about it! I really really really hope that's true!

    Yeah, only about 2 months away. :D
    Guess what? I just found out DW premiers on March 30!!! :wild:

    Also, there are rumors that ALL 11 DOCTORS WILL BE IN THE 50th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!!! Well...the ones that are still alive. Which means it's going to be an epic special. I so hope that's true. It would be absolutely marvelous. :D
    Thanks so much for your request, which I of course happily accept!! :) :heart:
    So, I will see you in one of those many Michael Threads!! ;)
    All the best to you and always Keep Michaeling!! :heart: :D
    Few people are friendly to me. I'm quite antagonistic. I like antagonizing people. I poke and prod because it's fun. It takes a certain kind of person to tolerate that. Plus, I dislike idiocy and stupid people annoy me. So do the petty stuff teenagers like talking about. So I dislike a lot of people. :lmao:
    Well, it's true. Yeah, me too... after hearing it repeatedly, my brain can't but remember it. But I still find myself struggling for the names of people in my class. :lmao: Because honestly... I don't care what their names are. So why fill my brain with useless information.
    I just don't remember names unless I am particularly interested in a person. That is to say, I don't care enough to remember.

    How cold does that sound? :lmao:
    I see. For me, they're almost the same, although David is just slightly above. :yes: Just something about him, I dunno... he's adorable. :lmao:

    Your name was Rose, wasn't it? Because you've changed your avatar and now I'm all confused. :lmao:
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