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  • oh and the weekend wasn't bad but nothing exciting. :lol:
    Anyways. hope you have a good night and maybe we can talk soon! Bye~! :flowers:
    Hi hun!! Nice to see you again :hug:
    Oh that's really nice. I love the snow :snowing:
    I wish it was snowing here! I am actually kind of sick of the nice weather! haha :lol::p
    Thanks for liking my avatar! I really like yours too and I Love your siggy!! :wub:
    Hope you're doing well, and glad to hear from you too!!!

    Hello, Sanyaaaa!! :hug: How was your weekend? :wild:
    Aw you're welcome and thanks so much for your sweet messages!
    I dearly appreciate it! :wub:
    I hope you come back online soon! xoxo
    Aw, that's great, I'm glad to hear that! and you're very welcome! :)
    As for the b-day threads,
    I'm not 100% sure but I don't think we have them anymore :depressed::bunny:

    I'm doing very well, thank you for asking! :girl_happy:
    Hope you have a nice day. Take care! =] xoxo
    haha thanks for liking my avatar! :flowers:
    Hope all is well with you, sanya. take care
    love and hugs :heart: ~usagi
    Merry Christmas, sanya! :xmas1:
    I hope you have a great time with your family. God Bless! :hug:
    Aww yw and thanks for the advice, Sanya I'll do my best! :flowers:
    P.S. :weeping: oh well..I like it :wild: so I'm gonna keep it like that? hehe :lol::p
    Aw you're welcome! :) I've been doing fine, thank you!
    School is hard, but I'm hanging in there! :p
    Take care and have a nice day! :flowers:
    just trying to survive the harsh realities of life :cry:

    and doing alot of poop while abusing laxatives
    Aww, thank you :flowers:
    I wondered where are you.. Hope you're alright? :hug:
    Heeey guys! I'm so glad to hear from you! Missed you all!

    Yes, everything's o.k. here, thanx. So many things has been going on, generally all is just fine!

    Yes, I hope I'll visit more often.

    That's great news Magic, I'm happy for you!

    Wow, high school!? Congratulations! Aww, Chi...time flies...

    I'll write later again, gotta run now... Kisses & hugs to all!

    It felt nice to see your messages, thank you :)
    Hello there, Sanya :D I am rearly in messanger but often on my forum :) How have you been? Is everything ok with you? I am great! I helped to organize international theatre's festival in Latvia and met some great ppl from Denmark. They gave me such inspiration! I am going to go to Denmark in Oct and gonna to meet them again :D
    Hey Sanya nice to see you again! I hope you visit us often because we sure do miss you. Hope all is going good for you. : )
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