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  • yep
    so if you want to you can bring your candle along but I am not planning to go out there to attrack the media or to do a singalong
    I am mourning today so I lit a candle when the sun goes down
    no it is not a massive thing it is my own thing.
    life goes on but I have to honour this man I learnt so much from my lighting a candle that is all
    I respect the family's request for privacy so that is all

    Do you think he's gonna win US Open and Winbledon??
    Do you think he's losing it?

    Go FedEx!!! =)
    I don't know his official forum... can you give me the link? :)

    I hated when he lost Australian Open!!! I do like Djokovic, but NOT when he takes Federer's title! ò.ó
    Let's see if at least he can beat Nadal on Roland Garros this year... :)
    RF fan! :)
    I'm too!!

    Do you watch all his games? :)
    I've just seen one this morning. He won, of course... =)
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