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  • thats what i always saying in the forum. but there are people believe what he's saying.
    there are a lot people pissed off about him in the forum. i hope someone will stop him. its enough!
    Yes it was MJHideout that first leaked the tracks. MJ5 needs to stop trying claim credit for things he has no relation too. He did that for some tracks I posted and people who were saying thanks to me for uploading, he was saying your welcome and taking credit for something he no connection too. I didnt get them from him nor did he upload them, I did.
    Because Ive tried using Total Video Converter and the quality was terrible. Hmmm I might just use the VOB.
    Hiya man,

    I have The Best Of Mark Romanek DVD with Scream (DC) but I need it in avi file. Do you have that at all please man?


    I am so frustrated because I do not know where to download the verdict. I just downloaded the torrent with 30 percent of all stopped. What should I do?
    there was a question before i've started to uploading. torrent or rapidshare? everyone wants to have torrent. and it was clear that torrent isn't forever. and it was also clear, from my site, that i'm only uploading it one time. sorry.
    Hi! I can not download a torrent with the verdict, because no one Sidir. What should I do! Can you download a verdict on another server?
    Hi MJChris! Alot of people are wondering why you won't**UPDATE THE, Buying/Selling/Trading/Searching-Tickets - List THEARD ANYMORE??? Could you please update it.. Thnx Follow MJ Fan :)
    How can I get on that "searching for tickets" list? I'm looking for Aug 1 x (4 tickets) and Aug3 x (2 tickets). Prefer Lower level.


    zum glück halten sich die ticketpreise so im rahmen des leistbaren. aber ich glaub das 08.07-er ticket wird teuer. :swoon:
    "vergessen". nee neeeeee. dich doch net. bin nur noch net so weit. kommst aber sich noch heut drann. :)
    der rest.... jo, danke! :D so bin ich halt. muss alles eine ordnung und übersicht ham.
    kannst mich ja auch mal wieder mal bei msn anmessenger'n. bin da seit kurzen wieder on. weil die nächsten monate werden ja endlich mal wieder interessant.
    wenn du einen guten tip bezgl. nächtigungen in london hast, wär ich dankbar. war da nämlich noch nie! :cheers:
    wow, das erinnert mich an meine u2-konzertreise diesen sommer ;).
    du hast mich übrigens in der tausch-sell liste vergessen einzutragen ;). - find ich übrigens klasse, dass du so eine übersicht machst. in den anderen foren wo ich sonst bin sind sie total unorganisiert was das angeht.
    yeah. good. i've finished the stressful time the last months. and have more time for my website. (uploading things... :D)
    hey chris. how's it goin'? thanks for adding me.:):)
    alles gut bei dir?

    kannst mir mal schreiben wenn du über konzert versionen reden willst ;)

    danke für den geilen thread

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