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  • Yes, i dissapeared long time ago, but stillstayed with MJ :D.Now...i dont know like why, just feel i must be here, feeling i returned home.
    Yes, pretty much everyone from before disappeared. I keep in touch with some of them over facebook. You were the first to disappear, if I remember correctly, though. ;) How come you returned?
    Hey, long time no seen! How are you? :unsure:

    I hope you're fine.....and glad that you dropped by (the forum). :)
    Hey, you live in Lithuania too? Wow, here are many lithuanians as far as I've seen.. I guess there are not as much fans in Latvia compared to Lithuania, since I'm the only latvian here.
    Also, I think I could upload it on megaupload. I'll post link once it's uploaded.

    P.S. my mix is blocked in Latvia too.
    Oh, you are not going to believe who I hung around with these past two nights..........GEORGE HILL. He used to play with the San Antonio Spurs (basketball team). He is cool and cute too. :naughty:

    Coco (one of my dogs) has been bad, she bit me. She was with me under the blanket, then Belle stepped on her and she got mad and threw a bite and she caught my arm. I got a bruise. :lol:

    I am excited about our trip to Florida. We are leaving on the 23rd. I just hope the weather doesn't ruin it for us (raining season).
    Hi Erika,

    I'm still working a few hours a week. Remember I told you I was in the pre-pharmacy program? Well my counselor called and said that I needed to "shadow" a pharmacist for 80 hours in order to get credit for a class that I need. So I went to the local hospital and talk to the person in charge and she said I could do it, but I had to take a drug test. So I took the drug test and I got the results yesterday (and of course I passed :lol:)
    Anyway, I told my mom I needed new clothes for this and we went shopping. I bought a lot of cool stuff. Oh, but when I went for the results, they told me I will start on Monday from 7:00 - 10 a.m. but said I had to wear scrubs! :lmao: Can you believe it? The good thing is that the hospital is like five minutes away from my house.

    On the weekend I went to play golf with my dad, but we only made it to the 8th hole and had to come back because it was so hot (I think it was like 104 degrees F).

    I'm glad you're having fun. :yes:
    I love your hair. I wish I had curly hair. Whenever I curl my hair, it'll last 3-4 hours and then it goes back to being straight. I would have to put tons of hairspray to make it last longer, but then my head itches a lot. :lol: I'm seriously thinking about doing a perm.
    Are you avoiding to see me on purpose? :lol: I think you just don't want to see me. :sad: Can I just post them here? Let me try.
    Did you see me? The first picture was taken on my 20th birthday. The second one was taken June 4, cousin's wedding. :)
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