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  • Yes I do have it. A friend of mine emailed me around 6 years ago that track as well as “People Of The World” (Michael’s vocals), she must’ve picked those up from somewhere.
    To be honest, I'm not certain but I know through a good friend of mine there is at least 8 great releasable songs from each album (except Off The Wall) , and there are more songs from each era, that aren't as finished as well. That's supposedly what the Estate has. There are a lot of "finished" songs they don't have (Will I Am songs, Bahrain sessions, Red One and Bryan Loren sessions 1989-91)
    Outstanding song, isn't it?

    Unfortunately I don't have access to any alternate demos or extended cuts or anything like that. I'm simply repeating the information that I've been told. I'm sorry :( Hopefully one day!
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