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    If you only had one shot of making someone a fan...

    It's difficult to find people in my city of Germany because many still have prejudices about the allegations
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    why cant i find full concerts of the jackson 5?

    Honestly I don't need a jackson five concert I'm much more interested in jackson's triumph tour 81 and victory tour 84 the highlight
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    I'm curious if we'll get short films in 4k as blue ray or Youtube
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    This Is It costumes: Cool or Tacky?

    As far as I know michael bush wasn't the only designer for the this is it costumes he sure found some to be too elaborate he always wanted to make it easy for michael
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    twymmf brunei 96 tops that there was more energy in it
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    what surprises me At the mtv awards 2001 short performance with nsync days before, michael seemed to be in a better mood or am I just seeing it that way
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    Honestly I was shocked by his condition on the red carpet with Liz Taylor he had to be woken up for the show he was late
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    Making HIStory with MJ by Brad Buxer and Michael Prince (Germany, June 25 & 26)

    I'm from Germany would like to go but the ticket is too expensive I don't want to spend not everyone earns a lot
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    I'm just wondering why more unreleased songs or demos weren't used for Thriller25 instead of remixes
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    Yes to thriller25 mj must have been happy with the results
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    MJ was present at the studio
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    I don't understand why thriller 25th is done so badly by fans who think the remixes are pretty good and the merchandise was cool
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    Did MJ lie about the amount of surgery he had?

    Agree, in 2001 I found it a bit frightening the nose was too high his gaze was blank fortunately it was better in 2002
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    do you like bootlegs which do you own?

    I would be interested to know how you feel about mj bootlegs, if you have any, I have special only picture vinyls dvds
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    Thriller 40th anniversary

    I'm looking forward to it but actually have had enough thriller editions like 25th would have been better for dangerous30