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  • Sweetie I read your letter to Michael and I think it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever read! :wub: I hope you are enjoying your time here!!! See you soon! :friends:
    Hi, we spoke a bit yesterday, how are you settling in?
    I read your letter to Michael, I loved it :)
    It's a great place! :) I only just joined a few months ago, wish I had become a fan sooner :no: Love your avatar btw :dribble:
    :girl_happy: me too! Glad to see you around the RT forum :) new member, new blood :naughty: :D

    You've to meet my whole family here :lol: we're a bit :crazy: but you'll get used to it :lmao: :D


    So.. see you later! :waving:
    :lmao: same feeling here!!! It takes ages to get to the interesting part!!! :D But I guess it will have to finish sooner or later!
    :lol: I never see the notifications! Suddenly I have 3 or 4 and it's like :bugeyed

    Welcome to our family! :flowers:
    :doh: Thanks for the friend request!!! But I didn't see it till now!!! :blush: I can't get used to this notifications system.... :giggle: :flowers:
    They call me that because well
    I think it all started back tot he fact I was allergic to my laundry detergent :lol: :lol:!
    and I told them so lmao
    Hey there... *waves*... Im glad to be the first one to welcome you over here ... ahah... Be ready for the crazyness...

    You gonna have fun im sure... [img]

    *smiles* explore a little the site.. and find your way girl.. ahhah...

    [img] *hugs*
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