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  • Hi Pat, I am glad to hear that your birthday went well. Do you have any plans regarding Michaels birthday?
    There is a big party in Copenhagen but I will not be able to attend due to family stuff.

    Enjoy the rest of the day
    Love you ;)
    Happy birthday dearest Pat! I hope you are having a great day. I miss talking to you.

    Hugs :kissed:

    Ah, hey Pat. I always lurk on the forum, I just don't generally have much time to post. But you can always drop me a line!

    Nice talking to you again as well. :)
    Hi! Thanks for reaching out to me again. Sorry I took so long to reply. My password wouldn't work for some reason and so I have only just reset it today. I am doing well (a little busy, but I guess everyone is!) I'm sad to say that Positively Michael has, indeed, closed forever. :( The Administrators just didn't want to re-start it, even though they kept promising me that they would. It's so devastating, really. I'm actually thinking of hanging out on MJJC more often, in the future. I've been on Lipstick Alley for the past year and it really isn't a very pleasant place to be. There are so many nasty judgemental bitches there!
    Hi there,

    Just want to say hi. I see you have changed your username! Love it.
    Have a good day at work.

    love you
    hugs Karen
    No, it hasn't closed down forever. The Admins are just sorting out some financial issues. They have to get the LLC component dissolved so that they won't continually be up for a major tax bill each year. That way the forum can just run on donations, without having to make money any other way, through ads, or a shop, or something like that.
    Thank you for the welcome. I have come over from Positively Michael, which is down, at the moment. Need to have my Michael places. LOL
    True about it being quiet. This is my only day off in the last 10 days so I was trying to catch up. I leave again tomorrow and can only look at it on my phone.
    Happy Easter.
    Hi. Saw you posted on that drug use thread. Somebody closed it that very day so nobody can post there anyway. It probably wasn't closed to you since you're a mod. :)
    You are a hardworking woman, Pat. Are you going to buy the new documentary?
    I am logging off now to watch a program so talk to you later.

    I didn't make my sig actually but thanks :p I found it on some blog, it's pretty cool isn't it? :w00t: I wish there was an MJ version too :)
    Thanks for the clarification! And by the way blue suits you even better than green!
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