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  • How to change profile pic
    On Top of forum there is a bar
    click "forum actions" then Select "settings"
    On left side bar under "My Settings" is option for changing profile picture
    I hope that helps :)
    Pat - I'm so glad you found your way here!! I hope that Tulip and mikeysfan make it here too. :)
    Remember? You were my first friend on MJFC.

    I am sorry and very sad for what happened to MJFC. I really loved MJFC, more than MJJC. I always regretted for having left MJFC, but I had some reasons to do that. One big reason was my addiction to MJFC forum. I spent too much time there without doing what I had to in my real life. I decided to live otherwise, to come back to my real life. Mostly it was time to regularize my administrative and legal problems that I had left without looking into since 2009. Another reason was that I was not really confortable in my reationship with some of members.

    I never forgot you. You were so nice, warm and friendly. I hope not having hurt you by leaving MJFC brutally without saying good bye to anyone.

    Anyway I am really happy to talk with you again. :blush:
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