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    Drummer Ricky Lawson Passed away Dec 24th * RIP

    This is so sad thank you for being appart of Michaels Great Music RIP
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    Michael Jackson 1999 Benefit Show

    Great Thank you so much :)
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    Michael Jackson 1999 Benefit Show

    Hello I Need some Pictures from the 1999 Benefit Show Munich or Korea is there any Gallery ?
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    Xscape General Discussion

    Re: News and discussion about upcoming MJ album [Update Pg15] Great News :) Hollywood Tonight Demo Sounds Interesting cant wait :)
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    The Hoax Theory - Discussing Errors, Inconsistencies, Observations and Other Theories

    Re: The Hoax Theory - Discussing Errors, Inconsistencies, Observations and other theories How could you say that ? either one of you knows Pearl Jr stupid !!!!!!
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    Billie Jean Light Pants ?

    okay thank you so much :)
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    Billie Jean Light Pants ?

    Hello I am an Michael Jackson Impersonator and I am looking for the Billie Jean LED Light Pants I remember that somebody sell it somewhere but I cant find it anymore can anybody tell where I can order one ?
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    Happy Birthday Michael!

    Happy Birthday I love you with all my Heart :)
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    Best live Smooth Criminal look

    I like all but history is the Best looking I think :)
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    Whitney Houston Has Passed Away

    Its very sad what tragic lost the music world is getting more boring r.i.p whitney we will always love you :(
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    Michael pictures from 2009!

    This is it is my Favorite Era :)
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    TMZ report: MJ's Kids -- Murray Couldn't Have Killed Our Dad

    People please keep in Mind that this is a Hoax ;)
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    If Michael Faked His Death And Then Returned, Would You Be Angry?

    Yeah I agree And lets face it if some fans make suicide to themselfs then I am sorry for them .But Michael is not Guilty on that he never said when I die kill yourself every person is responseble for himself so yeah I will be soo happy if he comes back and if he do he will explain why he had to...
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    Very big slip up by jermaine ( my favorite ;)

    No he is not dead people dont get it . And DAMIT WE ARE NOT IN DENIAL I CANT HEAR THAT WORD ANYMORE . Jermaine said AIRPORT insted HOSPITAL there is a very big diffrence and it takes seconds before he said OH I MEAN HOSPITAL and after that he SMILES . HE LOOKED LIKE OMG NOW THEY GOT ME . It was...