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    Your Favourite non MJ acts

    These are my favorites: The Beatles (and solo) Pink Floyd David Bowie Stevie Wonder Bee Gees Radiohead Prince The Doors Yes Creedence Clearwater Revival Queen
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    MJ’s tracks with the most interesting song structure

    Morphine! Amazing break in the middle of the song, really interesting!
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    Guest Raps - those that work & those that don't

    That's true, it takes a lot of talent to rap! Also, to answer the question of the thread, I would say that the most memorable (and the best) are the following: - Jam - Black Or White - 2 Bad - This Time Around As much as I love songs like Unbreakable I hardly remember how the rap goes.
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    Most underrated Michael songs (both solo and in group)

    I think that two of their albums as The Jacksons are essential and are as good as anything Michael did on his own, and they are Destiny and Triumph. And as far as The Jackson 5, maybe you'll be good with an extensive compilation, as their hits are their best for me, and they have a some good...
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    Most underrated Michael songs (both solo and in group)

    His stuff with The Jacksons (particularly Destiny And Triumph) and his Post-Dangerous work is really underrated by the general public. Some of his best work happened in these two periods. Songs like Push Me Away, Your Ways, Morphine and Break Of Dawn (already mentioned) are some of my favorites...
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    do you think blood on the dancefloor is underrated?

    The song is one of my favorites. I sometimes think that the album could have been made into a real album by adding some tracks from HIStory (not remixes) or even some outtakes. Maybe he could have reduced the length of the HIStory album (sometimes I think it's a little too long) and put the...
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    Your Unreleased MJ abum Track-list

    I'm gonna try this. 1. In The Back 2. I'm So Blue 3. Chicago 4. If You Don't Love Me 5. Fly Away 6. Abortion Papers 7. Someone Put Your Hand Out 8. Work That Body 9. Streetwalker 10. We've Had Enough
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    Who would you like Mike to have collaborated with?

    Here are my picks (some of them he worked with, but I would have liked MJ to collaborate more with them): Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, John Lennon (I don't know if I can picture it though), George Harrison, Prince, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Janet. There are also some really good artists...
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    Is Triumph the best Jacksons album?

    I've bought this album recently and I've been listening to it non-stop (though I knew some tracks for a long time) and I honestly think it's one of his best (including his solo stuff). I read in this forum somewhere that this era has his best vocals, and I didn't believe that, but after...
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    Which songs would you have loved Michael to re-record?

    Hi Steven! I normally don't like when artists re-record their songs (Paul McCartney) but in MJ's case, I would love if he had re-recorded vocals of his Jackson 5 era songs! Some examples are: Music And Me, One Day In Your Life and Who's Lovin' You. Also, songs like I'll Be There would be...
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    What physical MJ media do you own?

    Great thread! I'm very interested in this topic because I have some MJ stuff, but I recently stopped buying things. I have all his studio albums, a coupe of DVD (concerts and short films) and two books. I stopped because I realized that if I was going to buy everything I wanted I would spend a...
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    MJ accepts your offer for a private concert. What's your setlist??

    Just because the stage would be really small, I will choose songs where he wouldn't do any complicated choreographies: 1. Someone Put Your Hand Out 2. They Don't Care About Us 3. Stranger In Moscow 4. Rock With You 5. Give In To Me 6. Blood On The Dance Floor 7. Black Or White 8. Will You Be...
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    Rethinking Invincible

    As some people wrote here, I think that I would only cut a few tracks, but I wouldn't add anything new. My tracklist would be: 1. Unbreakable 2. Heartbreaker 3. Invincible 4. Break Of Dawn 5. Heaven Can Wait 6. You Rock My World (without the intro) 7. Butterflies 8. Speechless 9. 2000 Watts 10...
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    Change the setlist from each tour

    Some songs I would have loved to see MJ perform at concert are: Liberian Girl (Bad Tour), Leave Me Alone (Bad Tour), Remember The Time (Dangerous Tour), Who Is It (Dangerous Tour), Give In To Me (Dangerous Tour) and maybe something like 2 Bad for the HIStory tour.
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    Music of The Jacksons

    I just wanted to say that I recently purchased The Jacksons, Goin' Places, Destiny and Triumph! My order will be arriving in a few weeks. I've already heard all these albums (but not much really) so I'm really excited because I know they are all amazing!