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  • Merry Christmas
    LOL! :lol:
    You're welcome, glad I could help! ;D

    I just saw that! Thanks for following me, I'm following you too! :D

    Oh but the second link in your siggy isnt working..
    The page cannot be found.

    Just so you know! ;D

    That's not a silly question hahaha! ;D

    Well you have to have the URL to whatever site you want them to click on..
    Let's say twitter..
    And then you use: [ url ]here you post the twitter URL [ /url ]
    But you have to do it without all the spaces.
    Now if you want it to be words you have to use; [ url= post the link here ] Now you can typ whatever you want in here and close it again with [ /url ]

    I hope I explained it in a way you understand cause I'm NOT good at explaining things LOL :lol:

    I hope it was helpful!
    Tokyo & Mumbai - two cities in Asia. They were going to do the same as they did in London, hold multiple concerts in only one city per region.

    New album: MJ had hundreds of songs, some of them already finished & ready to go, it's just a matter of compiling them to see which ones would go better with the other. So who knows at this point, but I bet they are working on it.

    Arista now is a part of Sony-BMG, so I dunno. About the films, you know just as much as I do.
    It was a classical album to inspire the world on climate/global warming. :( - MJ is too pure & too beautiful for this Earth, I'm convinced. He loved it more than it loved him, but I digress.

    The new MJ album on a new label (probably would've worked out a deal with one of the majors for distribution) was scheduled to be released after the second wing of the O2 concerts in mid-late 2010 - then he goes back to touring the other continents.

    Kenny Ortega said he wanted to do the show in every continent - but Asia would be 2 cities since it's the largest. So far I've also read MJ has material in his vault for at least 7-10 new albums if they space them out accordingly and not pile 20 songs in one album.

    There's a lot more of Michael we have yet to experience & learn - even from the beyond.
    Oh most definitely true - Africa, India & Japan would've been less shows. I think maybe USA shows would've been to break a record at MSG in NYC, 10-20 shows, but not 50 in each place. I know Travis Payne said this was a 3-4 year commitment, not just London alone.
    Hey Goat! I read somewhere that the estimated earnings would've been about 400-500 million dollars in London alone. I know that MJ got an advance of 10 million after he signed with AEG and would be paid during the concerts in intervals.
    Hello, :)
    I collect photos across the web of this era. It was 1976, because one was a cover of a magazine that I saved. I wish I knew the photoshoot though. :(
    hey!! omg your sig... :dribble: can u please tell me what its out of? its sexahhh!! :p
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