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  • Yes, we must! Do you know there is a member here with almost your exact name?? LOL! Anywhoo! Good to see you again. We will talk soon! TK!
    Thanks.. you can't get through to some people... kind of a hypocritial person too..if you check another thread about another song you'll see what I mean.
    Hiya! Yes, thank you very much. I had not noticed that I was too bust waiting for 1000. Isn't it something that You wait for something you view as significant and you miss little marks along the way.:yes::wub:
    Hiiii :) hows things? I gave you rep for the good post you wrote! I agree with you xxx
    Thank you so much :hug: Your avatar is so adorable as well! :)
    I just googled Brooke Shields resurrection. It gave a bunch of articles. No video. I don't know now if that is something she really said or if it was just the heading made up by the author of the article. She was referring to his memorial and how she wished or thought (once she saw his coffin) that he was just going to jump up and start performing. I now think that is the "resurrection" she was referring to. Oh well. I guess in that given context it doesn't seem so wierd.
    Hey, how are you doing. i haven't seen you here in a bit so I am just hoping all is well. Take care.
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