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  • Hey! Nice to hear from you again, Lis. :huggy: So to Norfolk you've been, very nice! I've been to England too before. But South England, to Eastbourne for a language trip. :D They had nice beaches too!
    Yes, I did enjoy my vacation very much. :giggle: And yep uni started again this week! But so far we didn't really have much to do, cause either the course was cancelled or it ended after 15 minutes. :lol: But we'll first get days off for christmas. ;) :D
    Lots of love, Julia. :hug:
    Hey Lis. :ciao: I see. I missed you. :hug: Glad that you had a nice vacation. :yes:
    I am good, thanks. I was on vacation too for a week... to the netherlands with my boyfriend. :happy: We had a nice time. Also visited Amsterdam. :D I'm not back to uni yet... still three weeks to go. :D
    Where did you go on vacation? Hope you are doing fine.
    Thanks. :wild: The weather is already getting better. :yes: Sun is coming back. :D Now it's vice versa. :lol: You have the bad weather. :cheeky: But you're right, they are often mistaken. :lol:
    Thanks! I mostly have to study for my exam on monday. :sigh: But I make some breaks tomorrow to go outside. :D
    I hoe you have a lovely weekend too Lis. :hug:
    Hey. :ciao: Yes, it was great. :D
    You are so lucky! Here we keep having thunder storms since monday. :blink: ... and lots of rain. :sigh: .. Send some sun over, please. :lol:
    Hey girl That's good- Im good to thank you :D Oh loving these pictures!
    Sabik! :heart:
    and the last one is very, very nice.

    That is nice to hear! :yes: Beautiful pic. :wild: :wub: I had a nice weekend. :yes: .. Family, sun, crazy golf. :D
    Thanks. :D I did enjoy it. :yes: There weren't so many people, cause it wasn't that warm (21°C), so we had the pool for almost ourselves. :wild: :D
    Hope you had a lovely weekend, Lis. :hug:
    hiya Lis :flowers:
    How are you? I'm okay thank you I'm off now so a little free time to spend
    I knowww Love them loads :heart:


    [IMG] <-- You and Michael :wild:
    Thank you, Lis. :hug:
    The sun finally came back here. :wild: .. I hope it will stay for the weekend. We had some dark clouds and thunder here too last week. :scare: ... I absoultely agree, as long as I'm inside I enjoy it. : lol: But you can't go swimming then. :sigh: I love swimming. :D We will go in a little while. :wild:
    LOL. Yes, you probably won't forget it again so soon. :lol: Glad you like hot days after all. :D xx
    Yes, I can finally relax. :wild: ...I just have another exam in 10 days. :yes: .. But I'm having a nice time. :yes:
    Hope you are having a lovely time too. :D :hug:
    :lol: I see. So when you use sun cream you bronze fast? :wild: :unsure: :D
    Cool! So it's all your sons fault, LOL... Kidding of course. :lol: :D

    Yes, my break finally started. :wild:
    Thanks, this weekend was beautiful. :wild: .. We were at the sea twice (with my family), it was very nice. :yes: :beach: :sun:

    Btw, thanks for the rep points. :hug:
    Hi! :huggy: :heart: I'm so sorry for the late reply, but I haven't really been home. My summer is super crazy! :D How are you? :huggy:
    :lol: Were you that red? :blink: :lol: Yes, you really should wear sun cream. :D ... The sun finally arrived here too. :wild: It's not that hot here though. ;)
    My semester break starts next week. :wild: .. and my family came back today. :D So I'm fine. :yes:
    Hope your sunburn is not that bad. :better:
    Thanks. :clap: ... actually I'm not that excited about it, Lol, when we were watching the game with some friends,everybody jumped when they scored the goal and went crazy, and I just sat back and watched them. :hysterical: .., But I'm still happy that we won of course. :yes: :dance:
    Feel this hug :heart:
    Great you are fine
    Well a bit Lis ! I've been home today which was great
    :lol: next time you can buy a smaller one. :lol: Glad you're ok. :cheeky:

    Thank you. :wild: Then we will sure win. :thinking: :dance: :D
    :lol: ... If that would only work. :D

    Yes, the football was great. :wild: ... Great match. :yes: .... We all are excited about sunday. :wild: :shifty: :D
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