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  • ok my sister i was really worried for u if u need anything im here for u ok u can write me here or in my email anytime u want ok please get well and take care of yourself ok love you sister
    Hello hun, thank you for checking on me. :hug: I havent been feeling too good. These long hour work days are making me feel sick plus its really cold here, with snow, its running me down a little. So I took off some of my accounts until I regain my health. When I get better I will work on our site some more *lots of hugs* Love you sis!!!!!
    hi kelly and julie and my sister please stay away from michaelholic she's a con artist she asking people for money and pretend to be MJ please becarful dont fall for her trapt
    Any of you female fans that have a myspace, Please be careful.
    There is an MJ look-alike that has victimized under aged girls & young women. His name is CHRIS GARDNER, his myspace url if you see him on your friends request list. DON'T ADD HIM, He's DANGEROUS.

    thanks to this page i made, a number of girls have messaged me with personal experiences with chris garnder! they confirmed he has molested his sister when she was 8 yrs old! he beat a few gfs and sent a number of mobile pics to different women of his penis! im currently tryin to find one and edit it so it wont get removed and so u can see im not lying! wow he molested a child his own blood! he tried to have intercourse with her! wow michael jackson an innocent man has his reputation ruined wen a REAL pedophile is out there! thats not fair! thumbs up to real impersonators like lane, carlo, david g, e'cas, e.valentino and all the other great mj impersonators.

    ^^Please pass along, Thank you.
    Hello. I'm pretty new here on mjjcommunity so I am just looking arround.. and I stopped by you profile... so I decided to leave you a message :)
    Hope you're fine! :) Have a nice day!
    baby girl first please stay away from them if not there something dangerou coming you way please save your life first ok , yeah sweetie when it come to your own life be selfish if that girl wanna save her life she need to get away from the city and call the police
    babygir if u can move to another house that can be great coz i feel like someone is spying on u. so you better watch out im gonna keep praying hopfully its gonna help
    i love u too sweetheart i always feel u my sister thank u for everything you know me i love being a mother i believe it will be when our lord planing it
    thank u my sisters may god bless u i wish u again merry christmas and happy new year full with joy, love and hapiness for u both , and peace to world:wub::angel::holiday::clap::cheers:
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, sister. I wish you much joy and happiness and love!!!
    Stay always in God's peace!!!!
    With love
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