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  • Merry Christmas
    u aint admin no more? HAH look at the once almighty chichi now reduced to being a mere mortal :p
    hi Chichi! where's Download area? I need Love never felt so good instrumental for my tribute to Michael tonight :( Pls help me to download that instrumental! Plss plsss
    Hi, I am not able to post. I am logged in, I see my name. But when I try to post or open a thread it is told to enter my password. I enter the password correctly, but it is told to me it is wrong.

    Hey CHI....you on FB? Cass and I wondered. Hope all is well and life is blessing you!
    Hey ChiChi. How are things?
    I'm just wondering, what happened to Kate.. So So Def? Is she really banned? Last I saw she was a moderator on here and things were fine. I don't know what happened, just thought I'd ask. I still see Trish on here once in a while and a few of the originals. Just doesn't feel the same I guess.
    Anyhow, I understand if things cannot be shared. Hope we can continue to honor Mike and take this site into the future.
    All the best, take care. Mary-Jo.
    May peace and LOVE always be in our hearts...

    I wish you and your family a…


    And a...

    miss you so my friend,
    hope you are having a great birthday...love you.hugs
    Hello, I feel so glad you invited me for friendship, and I feel sorry too:(
    Because I'm here at last, but it's too late. Sorry:bow:
    Thank you for your all help, and I'll be back
    chichi sweetie...how are you doing?it's been ages since i heard from you...i miss you my friend...hugs
    oh, hello, i really need ur help... Can u give the links of thread abt Michael's fun facts? Plssssssss, it would help me a lot
    Hi,how are you I want to make a thread in Random Thoughts but what do you think would be a good topic to keep it going
    Chichi...i miss talking to you...where are you?how are you?
    ((chichi)) I'm hanging in there. Gotz a lot to tell you on MSN lol. Let me know the next time that you are on. I'm working on somethin'...
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