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  • Hey ChiChi, thanks for the friend request. I'm sorry I'm just getting back to you now; haven't been steady on here and now this is the only place I cling to for comfort. Thanks again for your support. Oh, and I'd be honored to be your friend.
    Mary-Jo :)
    chichi dear,what happened?i go offline for 2 days,and something happens...
    remember how big of a bitch i can be when im in my mode? im like ten octaves above that right now...aka no patience level zero! and how is my finger snaper?
    eh. didn't even get high this time.it was so awkward being near the family. like waht do u say? so odd being back. warning, im on level zero
    Hello MJJChichi

    I noticed that Trish (aka PYT) posted the fact that maybe the community could have a letter writing campaign against the media who have been so outrageous in their negative slant about Michael since the Jackson Memorial on Tuesday. I agree with her and wanted to know if this has been done before and do you think it will have a positive affect? I only ask, because you are a high level MJJ Moderator and have been a member for quite some time and thought you would know. On a side note I really admire Micheal and I am proud of how he overcame such adversity in his criminal trial. It is shameful that although he WENT through the legal system of this country and came out on the other side CLEAN that he is not treated as a citizen with rights. If there is any way the community can help Micheal & his family in this time of need, I wish to do so.
    chichi, check your pm's for spankey's new email addy, she's trying her best to get back on the board
    chichi sweetie can you go on msn please?thank you
    HUGSSSSSS.how are you today?
    Hi Chichi! You're MJJC Admin, aren't you? I just wanna ask if I could change my user name, please! (is there any rule that mention about user can or can not change their user name?) you can do it, can't you? If you can't, please tell me who can

    My current user name is "dinhanh05" if you don't mind please change it into "blanket05"

    Thanks in advance!
    Yeah and I pm'd ya back before I looked at my visitor messages :lol: Disregard the one about Hoof :yes:
    I can't even bring myself to open the thread with the pictures from TII. Don't have the heart right now but life must go on. I'm down for paltalk Sunday though.
    Hey there- I've been chatting with Spankey on aim several times over the last week, she's been trying to get on the board but can't remember her last username and password. Do you have any contact info for her to help her. I don't wanna give out her aim user name unless she says it okay, but I left a message for her about the oldtime MJJF bunch looking for her. Hopefully she'll be on aim sometime today and get her message. Anything I can do to help her out, or maybe she has contacted you somehow already, but I doubt it.

    Thanks for any info in getting spank back on board.
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