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    god bless you chichi :angel:.please stay strong:angel: i belive michael would want us to be strong to carry his legacy,so that comforts me , how do i feel , ~a mix of emotions , a flood of them ~..i dont kno . its sureal ..every day it hurts more and more , im tryin to stay strong too though ,it wasnt his time to go ,,words are beyond me .:better:.*tight huggs*:huggy:
    Chichi...Thank God you have your kids.Please do eat,do rest,and know that you are loved.
    I have my moments...when those moments come... i don't know...It is still so hard to believe that Michael....
    how are you doing my dear friend?
    i'm here for you anytime you need to talk ok?
    love you
    just to let you know there is a disgusting post on the thread offical l unoffical memorial thread. thanks kati
    Whassup Cheech! I was wondering who the real identitty of captain underpants was. Anyway, take care and fingers crossed for TII! :D
    happy father's day my dear friend.hugs
    If you knew how sweet and kind you are...thank you for being the way you are my friend.Love you very much!HUGS
    pssst mr are you?
    wud you be kind to vote/rate me in a competition iv entered. its called miss yamaha 2009 and you get to be umbrella grl for world super you probs dont know im a masive motorcycle fan and i go to the races every year and also ride myself. i would be greatful if you cud help out.. heres the link ... thank you x and spread the word xx
    Hi Captain Underpants...LOL.

    Do you know where the thread is about that taped conversation in germany where it is really hard to hear mike and he is on the phone for a long time going in and out with a woman named Kathy and her husband? Do you know this? I am dying to hear the actual tape. If you can guide me to the forum where the transcript is, I will be forever grateful. It's as if the post disappeared. It came up yesterday here AND on KOP board, and now they are gone.
    i would never do that mr chichi.I'm completly in love with my boyfriend,you know?
    From me you can never get away.i'm watching are being missed in the chat,gorgeous guy.
    You are not getting are getting better.LOL
    My mother has been having lots of ups and downs today.I think that the stormy weather is helping youuuuuu
    oh poo head, i didn't approve it! lol i get so much damn spam that i have to approve posts now...go check...u've been approved.
    i didn't delete shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. lol i don't even know how. oh, i know, it's when i took off a few posts cuz they were hella outdated! lol u know i love the CHI don't make me cry
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