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    Dangerous Tour

    Apologies, now completed. :)
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    Exclusive Q&A With Jermaine Jackson

    Hard-hitting questions get hard-hitting replies, it is never about being rude it's about getting to the bottom of the truth, Jermaine was perfectly fine being challenged.
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    MJJC Exclusive Q&A with TRAVIS PAYNE (Choreographer to MJ) - Submit your questions

    Things take time, bare with us, this will be done, questions have now been submitted. ;)
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    On August 29, 1958, Michael Joe Jackson was born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson in Gary, Indiana. He was the seventh of nine children. Katherine and Joseph's other children are Maureen "Rebbie" Jackson, Sigmund "Jackie" Jackson, Toriano "Tito" Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Marlon...
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    Got To Be There Release Date: January 24, 1972 US Pop Albums #14, US Black Albums #3, UK Albums #37 1. Ain't No Sunshine 2. I Wanna Be Where You Are 3. Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me 4. In Our Small Way 5. Got To Be There 6. Rockin' Robin 7. Wings Of My Love 8. Maria (You Were The Only One)...
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    The Wiz Released in cinemas in 1978, and was later released on video. This is a black musical version of The One of Michael Jackson's favorite films The Wizard Of Oz. Michael Jackson stars as a loveable Scarecrow with Diana Ross starring Dorothy. Running time 138 mins. The Wiz soundtrack...
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    Michael Jackson FAQs

    Who is Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson is The King of Pop and The Greatest Entertainer alive! Where was Michael Jackson born? Gary, Indiana What is Michael Jackson's full name and Birthdate? Michael Joseph Jackson. He was born on August 29th, 1958 How tall is Michael? 5'10" or 178 cm...
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    Awards & Achievements

    The singer was recompensed with prestigious accolades over the years for his various commitments particularly in the philanthropic and musical fields, some of the important multitude of which we are presenting below:THE EARLY YEARSIn late 1970, The Jackson 5 begin their first national tour in...
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    Charitable Contributions

    Michael Jackson’s humanitarian background commences during his early years, when, out of his daily earnings as a Jackson – 5 lead member, he would purchase ice-cream and chewing gum for children in his neighbourhood, according to both himself and members of his family. The Early Years: The...
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    Speeches & Statements

    Over the years, Michael Jackson made speeches, announcements and statements reflecting his philanthropic and peace-oriented pursuits on the occasion of award ceremonies, press conferences and other special events. He also made other inspirational statements. And here are some of these efforts...
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    HIStory Tour

    Dates Sept. 07, 1996 Prague [Czech Republic] 125,000 * Letna Park Sept. 10, 1996 Budapest [Hungary] 50,000 Nepstadion Intezmenyei Sept. 14, 1996 Bucharest [Rumania] 70,000 National Stadium Sept. 17, 1996 Moscow [Russia] 50,000 Dynamo Stadium Sept. 20, 1996 Warsaw [Poland] 120,000 * Bemowo...
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    Dangerous Tour

    Dates June 27, 1992 Munich [Germany] 72,000 * Olympic Stadium June 30, 1992 Rotterdam [The Netherlands] 46,000 Feyenoord Stadium July 01, 1992 Rotterdam [The Netherlands] 46,000 Feyenoord Stadium July 04, 1992 Rome [Italy] 35,000 Flamino Stadium July 06, 1992 Monza [Italy] 46,500 Brianteo...
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    Bad Tour

    Dates (attendance for some listed) Sept. 12, 1987 Tokyo [Japan] 45,000 * Tokyo Dome ** Sept. 13, 1987 Tokyo [Japan] 45,000 * Tokyo Dome ** Sept. 14, 1987 Tokyo [Japan] 45,000 * Tokyo Dome ** Sept. 19, 1987 Osaka [Japan] ? Nishinomiya Stadium Sept. 20, 1987 Osaka [Japan] ? Nishinomiya Stadium...
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    Victory Tour

    Dates July 06, 1984 Kansas City [Missouri, USA] 45,000 * Arrowhead Stadium July 07, 1984 Kansas City [Missouri, USA] 45,000 * Arrowhead Stadium July 08, 1984 Kansas City [Missouri, USA] 45,000 * Arrowhead Stadium July 13, 1984 Dallas [Texas, USA] ? Texas Stadium July 14, 1984 Dallas [Texas...
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    Exclusive Q&A with Siedah Garrett

    MJJC: Were you a Michael Jackson fan before you met him? How did your perception of him change after you met him / worked with him / toured with him? Siedah: I had been a Jackson 5 fan my entire life. In fact, during my childhood, Michael Jackson was my play husband. I began to love Michael...