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  • hello,
    hope you're doing good.
    I'd like to bring your attention to this thread and ask you to please take some to write in to these people-here's the link-
    Please spread the word.I posted a thread in the Legacy section. Please read my last posts over there, what I wrote is what I believe. Hope you'll please write in to this newspaper. It'd be a good idea to include the name of your country.
    Deadline-Aug 23

    Many thanks and all my love and respect,
    Hi Billie Jean09,

    It is not the post reply button you need but the button called Embed or Enclose.
    Hope this helps to be able to do it again properly. If not, let me know and I will explain some more. Good luck!
    Thank you for saying you will post that video on my behalf, it truely made me cry so much, but it is so beautifully made. I wonder why it is I couldnt post it myself? I click 'post reply' button as you taught me, and copied and pasted the entire embedded code there into the new post square, but it just comes up with loads of numbers letters and !!??** LOL ? I loved being able to post videos, so hope I can solve what it is I'm doing wrong. :-( The little girl is my grand daughter! :) Yes she is cute xxx :wub: love to you.
    I seem to have lost the ability to post videos! :-( I'm following all the same things as I did before, and it was ok and worked then, but not now it seems? :-( No idea why it's not working now. :-( Any advice please?
    PS this is the video I'm wanting to share, here's the link, please see if you can do it! Thanks :-) ps : warning this video may very well make you cry, it did me. :-( Much love to you. xxx
    My youtube channel is Elmi221, but I don't have any videos that I made myself, it's just a nice collection of MJ videos. I'll check out your channel and subscribe to it! So irritating when the videos are blocked or cannot be shown in your country. Thank god, for that matter, I live in Holland, and not Germany
    Whats the name of your you tube channel? Do you have any vids that you have made? I am JennySussex on you tube. I had a lovely one of baby MJ singing who's lovin you, but it got blocked cos of copyright infringment. Boo! lol :-( xxx
    God Bless you! I was like a child on Christmas morning when I finally managed to post an actual you tube video on here- thanks to you! lol :) xxx
    I finally figured out how to post the you tube videos!!! Thanks for your advice! I am so glad that I now know how to post them! :)
    Hi. Thanks for your visitor message. Yes I totally agree, and I admit to be addicted to you tube! Any chance I get I'm watching MJ vids. :D
    Infact I wonder whether it's been posted before, I expect it has, but there is one fan made video, of Lady in my life, so tastefully and respectfully made, and beautiful! :wub: I might go and post it on now! Much love to you. xxx
    Thank you for the amazing video of MJ in the positive videos thread. I've replied to it there. Hope you like the ones I put links to also! Much love to you. xxx
    Thank yu for your advice with how to post a you tube video onto here. I'll refer back to your instructions and give it a try one time! :) Take care. x
    Thanks for posting that video link for me in the positive links thread. :D If you have the time I would appreciate knowing how to post a you tube video. A friend on here has tried to explain it to me but I still cant fathom it! Thanks. :wub:
    Hi* I'm doing good. Thanks for asking :) I hope that you're well too. :hug:
    I wanted to let you know that you did a great job on the 'scrapbook' thread in the memories of Michael thread for our mjjc legacy. :)
    I just seen this & alot of fans are trying to take action. If you could spread the word it would help. From FaceBook posted by fan on The Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California FB Wall. "REPORT THIS PAGE NOW & LET'S MAKE IT CLOSE TOGETHER!!!!" -Please click the link & see why everyone is so upset. I would have made a thread about this but in all honesty wasn't sure were to post it & didn't want to bring anybody 'down' so i thought that You would for sure know where & how to spread the word. Thank you in advanced.
    Nah, I'm fine! Spain is still kinda like my 2nd home country, sooo...I'm glad it's Spain and not one of the attitude countries like Brazil or something, LOL. Have e-mailed MTV but heard nothing...booo.
    Oh well, I'll see where I end up. :) Thanks for the :huggy:, and back atcha!
    Thank you for your kind rep! I was just being honest about what's in my heart and I do think many of us share these dreams. Thank you for your kindness, it means a lot!
    :) Anytime I am able to help. Going to go see if Laura Tucker has replied to any more of the comments I responsed to.
    Take Care. :huggy:
    lol. yes that is exactly what is wrong with her. I commented a few more times asking her why she is 'reporting' emptiness surrounding her words w/out an opinion or conclusion to what she reported first. lol. she def. dosent like it (won't admit it) that she doesn't like when people have a different opion and come at her with facts.
    Thanks for alerting me.
    :) Please look at the last comment on the article you sent me.. the article poster is replying.
    Thank you, MJJLaugh. I just read your post. Very nice. I agree, I believe that at some point the truth will come out and there will be justice on Michael's name. It's just very hard being a 16 year old girl "in love" with Michael Jackson. So many people my age just don't understand. It is so hard constantly being around the bashing and not being able to stick up for my hero.

    But as you mentioned your post, the things people say are often a reflection of themselves. So very true. That made me really think and feel so much better.

    Thank you once again.
    L.O.V.E. :heart:
    Thanks a lot for the videos you added, they're all great ( how can they not be, they have Michael in them!) I'm glad you like the thread! It makes me happy to add two new items every day. The trick is to find the websites and how you search for them, but Michael inspires me and gives me words to search on just pops into my head spontaneously and I love it best when it's a website he knew about and visited and approved of. It's all for L.O.V.E.
    Ohh yes I know..i was about to post to you about how it's sad that YT videos are now gone.. :( I wish I had my old computer working again,because I always saved videos. Now I just don't have the free space. :lol: no worries...I did and still sometimes do the same thing on YT... watch MJ videos all the time.. well what is left of them,but I try and save the best ones in a playlist. I re-arranged that last post in the LP thread.. I took a couple videos out - because 2 wasn't that great. it looks better now. Great thread though..I enjoy it so much. :wub:
    Oh but I still have lots more good ones. And I search for new ones too. I have 159 MJ videos in my favorites! LOL! Before I lurked here and registered, I watched YT for all evenings, 7 days a week. It's unfortunate though that so many videos are taken down again, because there were some special ones!
    Yeah..I like 'Think Different' too. Glad that you do as well. :flowers: Seems alot of people are finding it. I've seen some with it in their 'siggy' :cheeky: Much :wub:

    Maybe once i find 'better' videos I'll change the others in my last post in your thread. I've went through YT and you've gotten pretty much all the good ones covered! :)
    Hi Tamara,

    All is okay here, hope you are well too. Thanks for checking in, much appreciated!
    Big hug to you! :hug:
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