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  • Yes, some threads can be upsetting and annoying. It's best to stay out of the ones that bring you down. Pics and videos are always uplifting and of course, they celebrate MICHAEL, which is why we're all here. As a moderator here, I have to be in all of the threads - it comes with the job. On LSA, though, I can avoid the contentious threads if I want to, but I can also say what I REALLY think in those threads! Hahaha! We are protected here from haters and trolls. They are usually deleted as soon as they open their mouths, but on LSA, we have to put up with all kinds of trolls, unfortunately, because it's a "gossip" site. Putting the nasty ones on ignore works well for me, though.
    Hello! :) You seem to have settled in well on MJJC and also on LSA. That's great to see. The two forums have a completely different vibe to them, as you would have noticed. Sometimes when I'm on here, I use my "LSA voice" which brings mixed reactions. Hahahaha!
    Your welcome! ^_^ i don't like bullies, trolls, or haters. some MJ fans are crazy. i always thought every MJ fan was like michael. sadly that's not true. some make the community look bad.
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