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  • I can understand that. Wish her well from me. :flowers:
    what about Gia, You ever hear from her? she seems to have just left again.. :sigh:
    I hope she is ok too.
    Hey Ian!!
    Thank youuu! <3

    I see your birthday was a couple days ago! :eek:

    So Happy birthday to you toooo!
    Why didn't I see that before :doh:
    Aww, Sound like you had loads of fun! Hope you had a good b'day too whatever you did. :) Ohhhhhh who did ya meet! :wild:
    :lol: Hey Ian!
    I've been OK. How bout you? Don't leave us for so long like that!
    See you around, K? :huggy:
    The Official Michael Jackson Exhibition.. :wub:
    I went on the Fanday organized by Beccabubbles..
    So I met aloooot of forummembers too!
    It was alot of fun..
    But weird to see too..well not weird..
    But.. IDK..
    It was all Michael's stuff you know!
    Aww really?
    OMG that's so cool..
    Like a mini meeting! :lol:
    It's nice to meet forum members! <3
    did I tell you I went to London to see the Exhibition?
    I'm great!
    Just got home from work..well about an hour ago!
    What have you been up to?
    Ok that would explain why you flew from Paris, but I have always thought you're from UK :mellow: I wonder where I've gotten that idea from? :scratch:
    Which airline did you use? With Ryanair you'd have gone to Tampere (from Stansted that is), which is closer to Kokkola than Helsinki.
    I live in south, in a city called Lahti (almost above Helsinki on this map).
    Oh now I remember who MJJC member is from Kokkola :) *goes to check the map where is Kokkola lol* Oh, it's in mid Finland...
    What the h*ll? You were here, why? Did you stay only in Helsinki or where did you go? Haha, question after question :D
    I know you aren't around much now, but I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! :holiday: Miss you! :(
    thank you for the merry christmas & new year's messages!! this is very late but better late than never..right? lol

    hope you are having a great 2010 :D

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