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  • Merry Christmas
    aww kool, yeah i wouldn't wanna live on my own either. erm... cabin crew... i dunno im kinda a little scared of flying lol, even i've done it 5 times now lol i will think of something wow over 60 hours - thats great!! :) xxxxxxxx
    aww thats kool, good luck for your driving test. You can do it!!! I do office work for british airways, but i dont work for them directly, our department in the company i work for (which is Prolog) is contracted out by british airways, and we track miles and points for their club members for various things, its so boring, im finding another job this year!!!! lol vodka and coke haha - thats sounds good, so what hours do you work? do u still live in liverpool?

    aww wow that sounds great!!! I need to get a new job, mine is so boring lol.
    Yeah london was great, yeah i love meeting other fans, its great. There were loads of fans at the 02. and there was like a square bit, and this guy was dancing to jam in the middle, doing all the moves to it, he was a good dancer

    what else you been up 2 apart from work??

    Hey Rach, yeah im fine thanks, I went to London last night, and met up with Tom, Danielle, her mum, so there was the 4 of us appleheads there, and also meet up with others from this place, like beccabubbles, thrillerchild (oh yeah hes an apple too, i think) and sloride and a few others. yeah yesterday was hard, but ok.
    We went to the 02 at 9pm and stayed till late, there were loads of fans there, it was great, so much love.

    anyway, i hope you are well, sorry we havent spoken for a while.
    Hows your job?

    Jackie xxxxxxxx
    :lol: Yeah I think we all get that! Oh well, they're the ones missing out IMO.
    I haven't made any friends in the same country as me yet apart from one girl who isn't living here at the moment. Maybe some day. I'd love to have a friend I could meet up with who understood.
    Yeah I know. I cherish the new friends I have met over the last year :heart:
    aww kool, haha you did it again :) kool sounds exciting, you better keep in touch thou haha xx
    Lol I was like its not like Jackie not to reply ... wait iv posted it on my wall lmao. And am training in Luton for three weeks in May. and then am going to be based in Liverpool :) And would be good too :) xxx
    aww lol no i hadn't seen it yet haha! aww kool, yeah i know what you mean with college haha. So where about will u be working/based, London, or Edinburgh, liverpool?? it be good to catch up sometime xxx
    Thats good know :), and erm iv got all sorts to fill in for work and yeah the coursework is for college I cant wait to see the back of the place lol, its just marketing and stuff like that lol. xxx
    kool yeah im good, aww what coursework do you have to do? is it for your job? or college or something xxx
    heya Rach, how you doing? haven't spoke to you in a while. you start your job in May right?? xxx
    Nice! Yer got some good mike stuff myself. Favourite! A replicarof his orange Jam shirt. Ive been getting some funny looks walking down the road in it, but i love it! Lol
    He he, yes i think your the first ive come across! Lol talking about it like were a different species! Yes im good. How are you?
    Hello. You added me as a friend ages ago, and im yet to say hi! So hi :) Its nice to see a Liverpudlian MJ fan about! :)
    Heya Rach aww thanks for the message. Happy New Year to you as well!!! You going out tonight?? first one since youve been 18 right?? Im going down my 2 local pubs, theres a disco on in both haha, have a fun night, lots of love, c u in the new year xxxxx
    aww thanks, sorry for the delayed reply, my computer was broke for a couple of days, but ive fixed it now sort of lol :) And wow thanks those gif things are great xxxx
    aww thankyou. Yeah meeting new people is great! Yeah im all set for christmas, not really much to do, only a couple of prezzies to get, I dont really do much at christmas, im just glad to get some time off work, hopefully i will c a few friends, how about u? wot u doing? xxx
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