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  • Wah, thought you were gone for good! How have you been? I'm fine, still around of course, always will be :)
    Thanks. :) Yes,Anything By MJJC Legacy Project like that is ONLY to be in the Legacy Room. We signed confidential statement. Privacy. We don't have no 'Projects' in IU Everything we do in Legacy Room is Private. Our Projects are Public.
    Thanks again :wub:
    Hello I was reading in IU and found confidential info. of MJJC Project Legacy team First meeting located in the IU forum.
    Hey hun.

    The points you bought up is right on the money!!! You know, I'm reading this book by Deepak Chopra:)lol: I know I know) but its for my religion class and Most of the things I've read reminds me of Michael...Its about Meditation...Giving...and things like that. Normally, i dont really like reading serious books but this one, I read it with Mike in my mind :)

    About this weekend...i dont think i can, but i'll tell you if i can come...

    But one of these days (MAYBE for spring break, we ALL Should meet and have a sleep over...(EVERYTHING MICHAEL JACKSON DAY) :D Thats the only time i'm available, I think. March 8-14... I dont know if thats possible for everyone...but it'd great to spend time with y'all with out worrying about if we have to go to school or work. :D

    Hey Dest...Yeah my page is pimpin' :lol: You know when i did it? This weekend, I had sooo much stuff to do for school but I couldnt do a darn thing thinking about the Grammys...So am doin' my work now...:lol:

    I've watched Prince and Paris's Speech a dosen times on YT already...I just LOVE Them Soooo much. Prince sounds like Michael:)o) FOR REAL! And He sounds sooo mature...and they way he pronouced "HUMANITY"!!! Exactly like Mike...Mannn! I miss that man so much...:cry:

    Paris is just Classy and Beautiful. It musta been hard to be infront of those may people and talk...God Bless them...:pray:

    How did you like it?

    P.S. The 3D glasses...ummm...*No comment* :lol:

    Hey there! :) Thats great, I'd love to see you dance. :D And thanks for being my friend. Its my pleasure.
    Yeah I did a lot of dancing of the hip hop measure for quite some time. I never did it to make a career out of it but I was definitely feeling the dance floor and the music.
    I mostly did breaking (or bboying). I took a break from it to focus on my career in art. But every now and then, when the opportunity comes, I shake it down to the ground! :D

    have a great day! :huggy:
    soooooooooo Hoffman Theater is it!! I can give rides... shall we aim for Saturday?
    VA ? huh? I invited Shawnt for this weekend so we should figure out date and time if we are still going.

    got the mesg. from Sam...I think it'll work out beautifully...:D

    Its gonna be fun....by the time we watch the movie...we'd have memorized it...lol :D
    hey hun,

    Omg...I watched it on Tues. then i counldnt wait til tmoro so am gonna watch it tonight...lol :D I'm like addicted...

    anyways, about tomoro, what time are we meeting? is it gonna be outside or inside?


    ready for Saturday?? I want to see it again sooo bad..i've been thinking about the movie ALL day at work..much better than actually thinking about work. lol
    aww same here. you're lovable too :D see you saturday!!! b ready to breakout the MJ dance moves! ;)
    oh yea.. i don't think i will make it tonight... i am going to bed in a few minutes. i am soo o tired.
    girl... i went to bed for like 2 hours.. then was up just giddy.... so i went to the 10:45 am showing. there was like 20 peeps in the theater with me. some lady was at the theater 3 hours early ? I was like WOW!!!

    i went to mazza gallery.. spoke to manager ... good news and bad news.. i will PM you.
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