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  • lol sorry!! :p but I could go with you then to the Bethesda theatre lol! when and for what showing did you buy it? I live in Silver Spring so I'm good with doing MD theatres as well.
    Hmmm, Well Fandango is supposed to be selling them at midnight! I will be awake..someone can call me at 240-603-2659 so we can all go together..lol.
    hey I found a regal cinema on 7th st downtown DC it may be showing TTI...but I will have to call them, it doesn't say online tickets onsale yet. the phone number is 202-393-2121
    Hey hun...How have you been?

    Well, there's a problem. I've searched everywhere online for theatres that show TII in DC and VA...But there is NONE! it says its gonna be shown in MD only. It might be because its too early but I'm praying that this is not the case.


    Hey girl...ok well I just watched the "Dave Dave" interview with LKL and I rememberd what u said about him and Michael and the eyes...you know...? its a scary at the same time interesting thing to think that Mike could be it!....yeah I just needed to get that off my chest....Hope you're doing alright!

    Hey girl...It was an amazing night...and You're an awsome dancer :D lol...if there's one of these nxt year i'll be sure to practice dancing...lol Thankyou for everyting hun.

    my email is mjnia829@yahoo.com

    hope to see you again..

    so its 9:00 then? alright...I'll be there u st metro station between 8-9:00 I'll be wearing black pants with black boots, havent decided on a shirt yet lol,
    it doesn't matter to me.... i guess text me when the time is settled. i am not feeling well so i may leave early. also indranee is coming. i am going to text her my cell. can i also give her yours..... so if i end up leaving early she can get in touch with you guys.....?
    hey, looks like i won't be crashing at your place. so i'll meet u gals at the U street metro at 7:30pm.
    Yeah we can meet at the metro station on U street around7:30-8:00....i'm giving myself some time..cause I may get lost...again lol
    hey- so what is the meet up place time and such..... its tomorrow? hahaha- i was thinking it was today.
    oh and if y'all come early and don't see me, I might be lost lolz...this is my phone: 703-638-0076
    My sis is droppin me off. she hasnt decided to come or not...but U street metro is fine. oh and what will u guys be wearing...Lol...that was the Q. i've been meaning to ask...

    and What time? :D sry. bout all these Q i got...lolz
    hey grl. ok well I purchesed a ticket online. and am confused on what i have to do. Do i wait 4 the ticket to arrive or do I just go to Black cat and expect them to have my name.
    and can u give me the address of which starbuks we're meeting? i'm always lost in DC.

    Thanx hun.

    Hey! yeah we can meet up at starbucks! just need the correct address, and then gotta find parking...we're gonna have fun! So hard picking out an outfit lol!
    lolz @ Swing with the breez...:D...I'm up 4 anything...strarbucks is more convinient. The whole thing starts @ 9pm so we got a lot of time...IT is Gonna be AWESOME!!!! cant wait to meet y'all face to face....;D
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