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  • Not sure why you are being questioned,on what you listen to here on this site.
    Some idiots about I'm afraid,but nice selection of music,and whatever makes you happy.

    Take care now
    Hey there Miss self-defined Scrooge :p I saw your post in the random thoughts thread and wanted to say hi. I still remember our talk around this time last year in the Christmas music thread. I'm really, really sorry for what you are going through and the fact that you can't enjoy either Michael's music or the Lord's holidays. You have my sympathy, however little that may mean/help :hug:
    I was trying to send you a PM and it won't send, um... can you clear out some of your Private Messages?

    lol sorry, girl!
    Hey! You said you really love India and everything to do with it. Perhaps you would enjoy reading Bengal Nights by Mircea Eliade and It Does Not Die by Maitreyi Devi. They are two accounts of the love story between the two authors, each told from their perspective. Maitreyi is an Indian girl who falls in love with Eliade (called Alan in his book), who is a Romanian (English in his book) writer and philosopher. Anyway, it's very rich in Hindu culture and customs and it's based on reality, so you might like them. :)
    Hey hun :hug:

    Just dropping by with some L.O.V.E. :flowers: You must be in a really bad place at the moment and have been since Michael died. :( But I'm positive that one day you will find happiness again! Michael would want you to be happy...if you ever want to talk or vent...anything that might make you feel a bit better, I'm here :) x
    Why? Don't you think it's a bit selfish to wish he were still here in this screwed up world? I agree it's sad that his children have to grow up without a dad, but they have the hope of seeing him again and the knowledge that he is no longer suffering. I was very upset when he died. I've never been so affected by anything. It took me a while to realize this, but it occurred to me that my sadness was selfish. And so is yours. There is this Bible verse I really like, and I think of it whenever I feel sad over Michael. Philippians 1:21. You should read it sometimes. :)
    Happy Holidays!
    Hi there :)
    Just wanted to know how you´re doing?
    I know its a difficult time for all of us *hugs*

    Are you getting the new Sims 3 pets game?
    Dear jenn,
    Hope you're doing well. Just saw you're online and wanted to give you a hug (()) I've been wanting to write to you for a very long time, but have been feeling so down all the time that its difficult, even to breathe. For the past two weeks, I've been crying so much, every night I cry myself to sleep and wake up feeling so down, the whole day my head aches and my eyes hurt... I miss him so much, more as the days go by. Sorry for this sad pm, but its getting more and more difficult as time passes. The pain will never be healed. Pl. keep me in your prayers. I'm keeping you in mine.
    Pl. take care of yourself.
    I love you and wish you the best always,
    I just wanted to say, and I have been meaning to say this for a long time, but...I love your siggy. It's so beautiful. :)
    what?? how cool! how did u get this insimenator thing??
    wanna have this, too :lol:
    sounds great! is it a cheat? or do u have to download it?
    but if i remember right in sims 2 loading the city takes hours, doesnt it?
    nevertheless the pets were cute and i believe the hairstyles and clothes were much better! on the other side sims 3 has those characteristcs for the sims :D thats fun!

    wish u a wonderful evening :)
    tc :flowers:
    I love that picture you sent me, Jenn!! Thanks!! I hope you are having a great day!
    Do you have MSN? I would like to talk to you!:*
    Hi, Jenn! Just wanted to let you know that I am back. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Hi Jenn,

    Thanks for being my friend! :huggy:
    How are you? I hope you're doing ok?

    I'm still struggling, having this clinical depression... Lots of people have told me to go and see a doctor. But I don't know, it's hard for me. And I'm not sure it will help me. I will try to find the courage to call him tomorrow and make an appointment. But for sure I can't go on like this. I'm exhausted, there's so much pain... So, I have to do something!

    I hope you're ok, I really do! Take care! :give_heart:

    Lots of love & hugs,
    :heart: :group:

    Diana xx
    hey do you know what happened to all the other forums? I haven't been here in a while.
    hi, wats the difference between sims 2 and 3. Because i'm wondering if i should buy sims 3 or stick with sims 2?
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