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  • Read your post in the "what are you doing right now" thread. Hugs and love to you! I'm sorry you're in pain and sadness right now. I'm thinking of you! :better:
    awww i'm sorry you feel tired, sick & depressed. :hug:

    here's some mikey to cheer ya up:

    Feel better hun
    <3, Abbey
    hi, i'm so far haven't to see you,
    how are you doing???
    hope you all well,my friend^^
    um...and what will you do on 29August?????

    Hi how are you doing? I wanted to say I can relate to not being able to sleep because of vivid MJ dreams. Michaels been in my dreams every day since June 25th. And these dreams feel so real, its starting to worry me alot.
    hi! I just wanted to say I love your avatar, its so cute! :)
    You are an Astronomer??? i am thinking of changing my major to Astronomy, but I am nervous about the physics, and math aspects. But I am so fascinated by the subject. I began taking the first 2 beginner classes and have fallen in love. Is there any ways u could give me any advise on what to do, or if there is any hpe for someone not great in math?
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