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  • Hey, I just want to say that I like the way you keep it real and respectful. I at least like the music section here instead of the KOPD one where there's an 807 page thread in the section concentrating on LMP (hardly any post about her music at all. And I am so not into her music). I am mad at the fact that her thread there is longer than all the other artists there.
    The regular forum is shut down for the 25th. It should be back up afterwards. There's a tribute page up to leave messages.
    Oii you, I'm not going to be here much since my ban's been lifted from Max Jax. Consider coming there? *pouts*

    'Accidentally' creeped on your conversation with DuranDuran below and I pretty much agree with everything said there.
    For some reason, I decided to visit today. I'm not a member there, though. Troubleman/Timmy is posting there now. I guess he finally found an audience for his Motown videos and trivia, lol. From what I've read of his posts, he really censored himself a lot here, because he writes much differently there.
    As far as Mike goes, I don't understand why people search for and post anything with his name on it. Or that whole "Enough Is Enough" section. I've never been in it.
    No, I've never been there. I used to go to Princefams a lot, but that site is kinda dead now, not much activity going on. Unfortunately, a lot of the music people here have been scared away like 'Troubleman', 'Wannabestartinsomethin21', and 'arXter'. It seems most of the popular threads are about 'Who's the new this or that' or 'So and so sucks' and the other music topics get ignored. I pretty much stopped going into the Michael threads much other than the "Groove Theory" section, because it's all a bunch of arguing and negativity. I don't want to read that. I think that's why a lot of the old people left.
    Ahhh mate, I know it's crazy how long it's been! I'm good, haven't seen you around within the last week around here. Hope you're doing well, darlin.
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